Black and Red Lingerie and Jacket by Ann Summers worn by Amanda

Black and Red Hero Collection Lingerie – Ann Summers

I absolutely love this set. I bought it earlier in the year from the Ann Summers shop in Plymouth, so I was able to try it all on. I had just come from a bra fitting session, so I had a pretty good idea of my size.

I tried on the bra, suspender belt and thong and it all fitted absolutely perfectly. I bough the red, lacy top stockings to go with it.

The set is beautiful. It has a rich, soft, velvety feel to it, with red gorgeous roses embroidered on a netting base.

The High Waisted Crotchless Thong

This is really comfortable to wear. It sits quite high at the front. The thong strap is quite wide and very comfortable to wear all day.

In true Ann Summer style, this is a crotchless thong and it has a large hole in the bottom of the Thong to assist with easy access for pleasure – both personal and assisted. And Yes, toys and a male penis fit very comfortably through the hole in the thong, without any discomfort.

It is actually rather pleasurable to wear the thong during love-making and personal pleasuring as the material rubs very nicely against the toy or the penis.

The Waspie Suspender Belt

I opted for the Small size and it fits perfectly. This means it is quite a tight, snug fit around my tummy and hips. I personally prefer this because it also helps with keeping the stockings quite high.

I am not keen on my stockings riding down and sitting around my knees, which can happen if the suspender belt sits too low on my tummy.

There are several sets of hooks and eyes on the back, so the belt can be adjusted to different sizes.

It is made of the same black netting and embossed red, embroidered flowers. It is one of Ann Summers Waspie type suspender belts, so it is a deeper belt and has quite a firm – yet very soft – structure to it.

I usually wear the lacy top stockings with it. These are black with a red top and this combination works perfectly.

The Bra

This is a super comfortable bra. It is in the same design as the rest of the set. It is classed as a Plunge Bra because of the deep shape of the cups and it has a pretty little diamante in the middle.

It is really well padded with some underwiring. I am not really a big fan of underwiring as I find it can sometimes dig into me, but this is really comfortable.

There are wide back straps with hooks and eyes for three sizes.

It is very comfortable and very sexy and gives me a lovely cleavage and plenty of uplift.

Play Time

Here are some of the photos I took myself with my phone, my tripod and my little bluetooth remote control. I was playing with different poses and having a blast. They are taken with the front camera because I wanted to be able to see myself and what I was doing.

Playful, flirty, fun in gorgeous, sexy lingerie from Ann Summers. That’s me. Pleasure Queen’s Playtime.

Playing with Black and Red Hero Lingerie from Ann Summers

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