Messages from the Mountain

A collection of inspirational quotes and timeless wisdom from the Mountains, as inspired by my huge transformation in the Alps and the Dolomites.

As I walked and breathed, huge amounts of old pain came up from the past. This was about my relationship with my father, who had recently passed, my relationship with a man who I adored and I had recently broken up with, my rather distant relationship with my family and most importantly my relationship with myself.

Mountains have a way of pulling all your stuff to the surface for you to face, deal with and release in order to become the magnificent being that you truly are.

In the presence of these beautiful, powerful mountains, this was what happened to me. I cried, I resisted, I tried to avoid it all and in the end the Mighty Mountains won the day. I allowed it all to wash through me and to release. It was replaced with a sense of Joy in myself and my life and a strong connection to that Sovereign Queen Being that I am.

Each day, as I connected with the Mountains, I received powerful messages and guidance to help me. I applied it and wrote it all down. That guidance has become this book – “Messages from The Mountain” – timeless wisdom for transformation and for living in daily Joy.

I trust you will enjoy these Messages from the Mountain and they will uplift and inspire you like they did for me.

You can buy Messages from the Mountain on Amazon as a Kindle book, as a paperback book or as a hardback book. I have also created the Messages as beautiful Journals, which have a quote on each page and plenty of space for you to write your own Messages from the Mountain.

People have often told me that I inspire them to live their best life because I am unashamedly and unapologetically following my passions. It has often been said that when one person follows their dreams, it lights the way for others to do the same.

With that in mind, I have included full colour pictures of me in the mountains from my recent hiking trips, This is not to brag but to inspire you to believe in the power of your own dreams and to live your best life. If I can do it, so can you.

This beautiful hardback journal has inspirational quotes from “Messages from the Mountain” as well as plenty of blank pages for your own big dreams, ideas and plans.

In true Mountain Walking Girl style I have created a photobook of me on my travels over the years. This is over 300 images of some of the lovely places I have been blessed to visit over the years. They are all images of me hiking in the mountains, in areas of gorgeous scenery and the UK Coast paths.

The common theme is me living my dreams, following my heart, my joy, my passions and my bliss. There are 300 photographs of me smiling and having fun, experiencing the Wonder Joy of Radiant Mountain Walking Girl.