Lady in knitted dress and black stockings

A Fun, Flirty Day Out

I recently had to go into town and decided I would have a fun, flirty, pleasure-filled day, meaning I would go out in one of my dresses, my stockings and heels so I could show off my legs.

What to wear?

That was the 1st choice – Knitted dress and white stockings? Knitted dress and black stockings or black and white skater dress with black stockings?

So in true ladylike fashion I had to try them all on.

I never used to have this problem when I lived in leggins and T-shirts. That always seemed to be quite an easy choice and I would pick up the 1st thing I put my hand on. Not so with going out as a feminine, ladylike Pleasure Queen.

Skater Dress and Black Stockings

This was my 1st choice as I do like that look. I really like the skater dress. It was one of the 1st things I acquired when I lost weight. I had always loved that style of dress, but never had the shape to wear it.

Skater dress and black stockings Amanda Goldston

And then to add a little naught playfulness, I uncrossed my legs for my Sharon Stone pose. Although I was wearing panties and clearly she wasn’t wearing any in the famous scene in the film Basic Instinct.

Sharon Stone pose by Amanda Goldston in skater dress

Having played about with that look and posed for some photographs for a while, I decided it was probably too cold with a sleeveless dress.

Knitted Dress and White Stockings

This is another look that I really like. I love this knitted dress. It was one of the best buys of the Winter, from the F&F clothes section in the local Tesco store. I have worn it repeatedly because it is so warm and very stylish at the same time. I don’t get cold legs with that dress.

knitted dress and white stockings, getting ready for work Amanda Goldston

I really was planning on going out. I had never taken this long in my life to select an outfit and get ready to go out. I was having so much fun playing with the different styles and looks and flirting for my camera.

For some reason, I decided I much preferred seamed black stockings with my knitted dress.

Knitted Dress and Black Seamed Stockings

In the end, I opted for the knitted dress with black seamed stockings and my black leather jacket, accompanied by a nice string of pearls. Classic look.

I had to had a little flirty stocking play before I went out.

In the Car

Miss Sexy Flirty Legs in her Black Stockings really took over today. As I drove along, my dress rode up just a little bit to reveal the stocking tops, so I thought “I really have to take a picture of this when I stop in the car park.”

So that is exactly what I did when I stopped. I sent one of the pictures to a friend and the first comment was “I hope you kept your eyes on the road!” I was stopped and not driving.

black stockings in the parked car Amanda Goldston

In the Cafe

And no day out in town is complete without a stop for coffee. I was trying to take the a picture of my legs and stockings and include my coffee. I was trying to use my selfie stick but I should have really set up my little mini tripod.

These pictures have not worked quite as well as I would have liked but you get the idea.

This was a wonderful, flirty, fun, playful day with my lovely legs and gorgeous stockings on display. I will have to do that more often and I shall use the tripod for my camera next time.

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