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Black seamed stockings

I love stockings, especially with a proper deep suspender belt, sometimes called a Waspie on some websites.

I have never been a fan of tights or nylons as they are called elsewhere. I have found tights don’t sit properly around my body and always seem to end up with a huge gap between my panties and the tights at the top of my thighs. And that gap always seems to be bouncy – or maybe it is just me.

Stockings on the other hand, have a wonderful luxurious feel to them. Most are made of nylon or polyester, rather than silk, but I love the texture.

They feel amazing on the legs and give that gorgeous circulation of air around the top of my thighs and my lady parts.

I buy most of my stockings online as very few offline retailers sell stockings, and if they do, they are the “Nora Batty” (Last of the Sumer Wine Sitcom) old lady, thick, wrinkly support tights, that are not comfortable and not in the slightest bit sexy.

I love the black seamed stockings from Ann Summers . You can currently buy a pair and get a second pair at half price.

They are some of the most robust stockings I can wear them all day and night and they still look as good at bedtime as they did they did when I put them on.

I have found them to be quite ladder resistant as well. That was always my problem with tights. I usually managed to ladder them before I even got them up around my bottom.

I have long legs, so I buy the large, so they sit higher up my legs and clip easily into the suspender clips.

They have a gorgeous seam which goes from top to bottom, which is surprising easy to get straight. Although the straightness can get a little wonky, if I have not removed them before “playtime.”

They wash well with a gentle hand-wash washing liquid and dry quickly. They have kept their colour well.

I have been complimented a couple of times on my “tights” by various ladies, so of course, I have had to correct them and give them a quick flash of the stocking tops and suspender clips. So much fun.

And nothing like a nice pair of black heels to finish off the look.

Have Fun and go to Ann Summers for your sexy, black seamed stockings.

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