What is Orgasm and Benefits of Orgasm?

What is an Orgasm?

Female energy works differently to the male energy. Our energy is a feel-amazing energy that buzzes and tingles through our whole physical body, so it is a whole-mind-body- spirit, or holistic in the truest sense of the word, energy, which is very connected with how we feel in the moment.

It does not have to be the orgasm in the sense we often think of it, which is a build up of energy that happens during sexual intercourse to a point where it sort of “tips over the edge” or “explodes” in our bodies, which leads to a huge release of energy – and often to men then rolling over and going to sleep, which is actually not surprising as they have just drained a lot of their life-force out of their bodies!

This is more of a continuous revving of energy flowing around your body that you can tap into at will, as well as expand or contract as necessary.

Create Your Own Orgasm

It does not have to come off the back of sex, either self-pleasuring or with a partner. This can be a starting point to get an idea of what this can feel like, although there are many women who have never experienced an orgasm whilst having sex with a partner or trying to do it themselves, so there is no reference point for what this feels like.

You can actually experience orgasm in any part of your body at any time. It does not have to be connected with the genital area, although that is often the obvious place to start because the whole area can be very sensitive, especially the clitoris.

Amanda Goldston Orgasm Energy
Amanda Goldston Orgasm Energy

The Creative and Receptive Power of the Womb Area

We, as women, create and manifest by drawing things into us, especially into our abdomen area, or the area that is our womb. It does not matter if you physically have a womb, or if you don’t as the energetic imprint of that area is still there.

The womb is the area of physical and metaphysical creation, of germination, of growing until the time is right and then of giving birth, whether that is to a physical baby or to an idea or to a manifestation.

Benefits to Orgasm

At its best, Orgasm or Orgasmic energy leaves you feeling amazing. You are shining brightly, your energy is high, your vibration is high, you become hugely attractive and magnetic to people, opportunities and money. It is like floating along on a cloud of happiness – a bit like being head-over-heels in love (and probably passionate lust!).

As your energy is higher, people are more likely to respond more positively to you and your offering, thus translating into more business and more money. You are open and receptive to ideas and to creating a win-win situation and leaving everyone with fabulous good feelings about themselves, your product or service and life in general.

When you can then harness this afterglow of energy, you find yourself in a state of being calm, glowing and shining. You can tap into your genius mind of intuition and creativity and you are also more likely to take bold and brave action steps.

Some of the other benefits of regular orgasm are that your self-worth and self-liking goes through the roof, which naturally improves your personal relationships. In addition to that you have better health, glowing skin and more regulated hormones.

Yes, ladies, that is official! Straight from the mouth of Dr Sara Gottfried, world expert on women’s hormones who states that one of the best things women can do to balance their hormones is to enjoy a “daily toe-curling orgasm!” (and that can be with or without a partner and with or without sex.)

You laugh and smile more, feel better about yourself and so take yourself and life less seriously. You are more likely to make your personal pleasure a priority in everything you do, whether that is work or personal. When you do that, you stand in your own power as a woman and you don’t take any nonsense from anyone.

This then leads to you accomplishing more and making more money with less time and effort and a lot less stress!

As soon as you start to sparkle and shine in the world, you will soon bring to the surface any old insecurities, fears, worries and doubts that you have about yourself and money, which can then be quickly cleared.

By the way, you cannot have the sparkling, unstoppable, I –CAN- conquer-the-world energy of orgasm running in your body at the same time as the negative energy of I can’t. It is one or the other!

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