Amanda Goldston Pleasure Queen


Championing Pleasure for over 50s Women

My interest in Women’s Pleasure Energies and the huge power they have to create a magnificent life started back in 2014 when I watched some videos on the subject and I became absolutely fascinated with it. I started putting the ideas into practice and began to notice a huge difference in my life.

I went out into the world and I sparkled. I was working in a high pressure sales job and I found that the job got easier, people said Yes to me and my products more frequently and I earnt more money, working less time.

I also found that I could use these same Pleasure energies to improve my good luck and win some very nice prizes. This led me to write the first version of my book “Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity” in 2015. Even though I have written books on the subject, I was not fully living it, until now.

Fast forward to 2021, which was probably the most transformative year of my life. I released over 56lbs/ 4 stone/ 25kg and came down 6 dress sizes from a UK 20+ to a UK 8-10. For the first time in my life I am finally at peace with food and at peace with myself. I have finally ditched the self-loathing, lack of self love and lack of self-worth that had plagued me most of my life. I have learned to love and accept myself. As the weight came off, the gorgeous, sexy, confident Pleasure Queen that I am finally emerged.

December 2020
December 2021

To celebrate my beauty and femininity I had a fabulous White Sheet Boudoir Photoshoot with JBM Photography in Poole, Dorset. What a wonderful experience, celebrating me. Pleasure was definitely in full evidence. Here are some of the images from the day.

I am championing Pleasure for Over 55s Women to Find and Celebrate the gorgeous, sexy You.

My life has changed totally. I now have much more confidence and belief in myself. I am more spontaneous and more willing to try new things. With losing weight. the gymnastic flexibility and bendiness that I had in my teens has largely returned, which is wonderful. Over 50, fat and frumpy has now been banished.

I am now quite happy to go showing off my lovely legs and I have discovered quite a liking for sexy stockings and suspenders and even a black leather skirt, jacket and seamed black stockings. I have also found that I can now confidently buy clothes in fashionable, trendy shops that I would have previously thought were for young, slim women.

I am hugely proud of myself for my weight loss achievement and for the lovely body that has emerged from all the layers of fat. I am now the same shape, weight and size I was in my late teens and I am especially proud of my slim, sexy legs. I have learnt how to confidently walk – and even dance – heels. Instead of hiding my gorgeousness, I now relish the admiring glances up and down my legs – and I have even had the compliments of wolf whistles, which has not happened for years.