Amanda Goldston Hot Air Balloon Flight Prize Win

“You are ECCENTRIC and don’t think like NORMAL people!”

This was the pronouncement of a high profile life coach, after she had (eventually) read my book on using your female orgasm energy to create what you want in life.

Part of me went “YAY to that!” and part of me shriveled and wanted to run away in deep shame and embarrassment. That had been a huge part of my life. When someone disapproved of some part of me or judged me or criticized me for who I was or something I had created, I tried to hide it, whilst at the same time trying to sell those products I had created, because I believed in them and they were a part of me.

So, now, here I am in my early 50s, having finally come to the realization that other people’s opinions of me are not a reflection of who I am. So, here are all aspects of me and I happy with them all, so hence I am quite Unashamedly Eccentric – and proud of it!

I am Amanda. I love to to travel, especially to areas with mountains, lakes and stunning scenery. I am a keen walker and completed a Walk 1000 Miles Challenge. I am a big fan of delicious cake, chocolate and clotted cream.

I am a keen reader and love Mind, Body, Spirit and Personal Development Books and programmes, so I have included some of those on here, where they have helped me on my journey.

I have also been very blessed over the years to win some lovely prizes in competitions that I have entered, so those are on here as well.

I am from North Devon, in the beautiful South West of England. The photo at the top of this page is the Valley of Rocks, Lynton, North Devon. This is one of my favourite places on Earth and I spent many a happy hour walking and playing here as I was growing up.

Over the years, I have a created a range of mind-body-spirit, personal growth products, including Clear Limiting Beliefs, Creative Problem Solver, Prepare Yourself for Success, Develop Your Intuition and a beautiful product to help Heal Grief.

I am a Tarot Author and Teacher with 3 books on the subject, as well as audio and video courses.

I have also written books on the subject of the Power of Female Energies, specifically sex and orgasm energy to create what you want in your life. I have used this to improve my luck and win over £30,000 worth of prizes in consumer competitions over the last 5 years.