Amanda photoshoot by the window

White Sheet Photoshoot

It is hard to believe it is almost a year since I did my amazing White Sheet Boudoir Photo Experience with JBM Photography in Poole. A super prize I had waited all year to do. Such a super sexy day and I felt fabulous.

One of my other hobbies is Comping (entering and winning consumer competitions, contests and sweepstakes) so I was absolutely delighted to receive a notification at the beginning of 2021, telling me I had won this fabulous prize.

Due to a combination of factors, including lockdown restrictions and work commitments, I was not able to take this wonderful prize until November 2021.

In the meantime I had lost over 4 stone/ 56lbs/25kg in weight and come down 6 dress sizes, so I was feeling better about myself body than I had done in a very long time.

I also had a lovely new man in my life who was very keen to fill my wardrobe full of sexy lingerie, short dresses and high heels, so my confidence in myself was rocketing.

What is a White Sheet Photo Experience

The White Shoot Photo Experience is inspired by Marilyn Munro’s most famous photoshoot where she was wore nothing but her Famous Chanel 5 perfume and was wrapped in a white sheet in bed.

So the idea is White Lingerie, a white man’s shirt, a white sheet, white netting and stunning black and white images.

White shirt and stockings by the window in my white sheet photo experience

Prior to the Photoshoot

John, the Photographer was amazing. He immediately put me at ease with his pre-photoshoot emails. He sent me lots of information on how to prepare for the photoshoot and what I needed to bring with me on the day.

He also asked me to research online for the types of images that appealed to me and that I would like him to create with me.

Celebrating My Journey

I already had some ideas and I knew I wanted to really celebrate my beautiful 55 year old body that has given birth to two healthy children, despite having an ovarian dysgerminoma tumour removed along with my right ovary in my early 20s, that body which has been up and down through weight, which has survived anorexic starving in my teens and gluttonous emotional unhappy eating through most of my marriage, which has been loathed with a passion and yet which has carried me through to the gentle loving acceptance that I have for her today.

I wanted to honour that journey to self-love and the transformation I went through in 2021. I wanted to celebrate my new found confidence and my sexy femininity and I was very clear that I wanted to do some sexy, sensual, tasteful nude shots to show off every inch of my gorgeous female form – with its wrinkles, lumps and bumps and occasional roll of fat. All part of me.

My Inspiration

So first stop was Pinterest where I created a board of images that I found sexy. I especially love the one with the string of pearls down the back. Really sensual and a real turn on for me.

Here is the Boudoir Board I created on Pinterest.

Next up was the superb work of the gorgeous Christa Meola, a female boudoir photographer and author. It was her work which turned me on to the idea of the nude photography with just the pearls. I think that is so stunning.

Here are some of John’s images of me to create the same effect.

Amanda naked with pearls front

On the Day

John has a private purpose built studio at the back of his garden, which is very quiet and private, as well as being warm.

When I arrived I was greeted by Jackie, who did a fantastic job of my hair and make up. The session was four hours and it flew by.

We started with some shots with my white lingerie and a white shirt. There is something really sexy about a man’s white shirt on a lady. We then moved on to a light, sexy wrap and after that my clothes started to come off quite rapidly.

We did some shots with the white sheet and with the white netting. For one of the shots, John had me wrapped in the netting, rolling about on the bed. He was perched precariously on a ladder, leaning over the top of the bed, to capture me from above.

For some reason I found this whole thing hysterically and could not stop laughing as I rolled from side to side, getting more and more tangled up in the netting with each roll. The photos were amazing.

Amanda Goldston Pleasure Queen

It was fabulous that there was so much laughter and fun in the Photoshoot. When I did my last Boudoir Photoshoot, it was a much more sober affair, with more of the sexy pouting type looks, rather than natural laughter and playful fun – which is a huge part of pleasure.

Gorgeous tasteful nudes

We then came to the time for the nude photographs and I am absolutely delighted with the results.

First up was the shots with the strings of pearls and that was so sensual, having those cold pearls brush against my skin, both front and back. I love that look.

Amanda nude with pearls rear

And yes, John took some full frontal nude pictures of me, with some gorgeous subtle lighting. Very tasteful.

Amanda front nude

And a nude standing by the window, with the light see-through jacket, which was one from my Pinterest collection that I wanted to create.

Amanda nude by the window

And we finished off the photoshoot with a nice rest. And so to bed….

Amanda and so to bed photoshoot

I was delighted with the whole experience.

I was only in Poole, where John is based, for the weekend, so he got all my photographs ready for viewing by the next day. I was blown away by the sexy, sensual beauty I saw before on the screen.

So much so, I burst into tears and remember asking John “Is that really me???” Yes it was, in all my stunning magnificence.

I was delighted with my photographs and ordered a beautiful album, which also came with an online gallery, an app and my photos on a USB stick.

Such an amazing experience, I felt so special, so pampered and so sexy. I would definitely do it again and I would high recommend John of JBM Photography for a fantastic White Sheet Photo Experience.

And my white stockings and white Waspie suspender belt was from Ann Summers

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