M – Quick Fix Meditation


Quick Fix, 10 Minutes, Relax, Let go of Negativity and Recharge

If someone has upset you or something has happened where you feel angry, frustrated, shocked, out of balance or any other negative emotions, then the Quick Fix 10 Minute Meditation might be able to help you.

If you have having a wonderful day, where you feel calm, energized, focused, balanced, in your personal power, generally contented and enjoying life the last thing you need is some unpleasant person coming along and saying or doing something that upsets all that.

Yet, that happens and a wonderful day can rapidly degenerate after an unexpected argument with someone or we have to deal with an “energy vampire.”

This audio helps you to quickly release the negative emotional feelings around the situation and restore the balance in your day, so that you are not re-living the argument or the unpleasant situation