B- Learn Tarot – Develop Your Intuition


Learn to Read Tarot Cards and Develop Your Intuition with a simple, easy-to-follow system. Read the cards, look at the colours, symbols and tell the story from the pictures- and watch your intuition develop.

Learn to Read Tarot Cards – Develop Your Intuition

Learn to Read Tarot Cards with the Rider Waite deck of cards. This is probably the simplest deck to work with as the images are clear, not too scary and not connected to any mythology. I have read and taught tarot cards for over 25 years and this book developed from the workbook I used with my students in my 6 week courses.

Develop Your Intuition using a simple, practical system of reading the cards.

Learn how to:

  • Group the cards for ease of reading
  • Read the colours, symbols and images in the cards
  • Use a simple system of storytelling to quickly understand the meanings
  • Understand how meanings change when cards are reversed
  • Ask the right questions to get the most helpful answers
  • Use simple spreads to get quick and easy answers

Start with reading your tarot cards and let your intuition develop naturally as part of the process.

Full colour illustrations and simple guidance.