B- Learn Tarot – Complete Tarot Video Course


Complete Tarot Course

Learn to read tarot cards with videos on all 78 cards, upright and reversed, easy spreads and simple interpretations

Learn Tarot – Complete Tarot Video Course

In this complete Tarot Course you will receive:

  • Videos on all 78 cards in both the upright and reversed positions, including colours and symbols
  • Easy to use spreads
  • Audio relaxations to use before and after a reading
  • How to prepare yourself and your cards
  • A simple system that makes reading your cards quick and simple
  • Quick tips to group your cards for easy reading
  • Develop Your Intuition through Tarot ebook
  • Reversals in the Rider Waite deck ebook – turn 78 cards into 156 for added depth to your readings
  • The Fastest Way to Read Tarot Cards in ANY deck ebook and complete audio book
  • The benefit of my 26 years experience of reading and teaching tarot cards


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