C – Attract Your Ideal Client Ebook and Audio Relaxation


Product includes:

  • Define and Attract Your Ideal Client Workbook (pdf)
  • Attract Your Ideal Client and Team, Members Audio Relaxation (MP3)

I have put together a workbook with some ideas for you to do for yourself to Create Your Ideal Business and Attract Your Ideal Client to your business.

Some of the topics covered in the Workbook are:

  • What is an Ideal Business?
  • How to Define and Ideal Business
  • What is a Client from Hell?
  • What is an Ideal Client?
  • Where to find your Ideal Clients
  • How to attract Ideal Clients to you
  • What stops you from Creating and Ideal Business and attracting Ideal Clients
  • and much more…

I have created a beautiful audio relaxation to go with the workbook, which is designed to help you to raise your personal energy levels and to attract to you, easily and effortless, your Ideal Clients and the Ideal people to work with you as part of your Team.

To attract Your Ideal Business and Your Ideal Client, there are two parts to the process. One is the logical, tangible action steps that you take and the other is the more creative, visualisation aspects that you do in your head.

Both need to work together to ensure maximum success. This powerful programme gives you tools to combine the two together in order to accelerate the process as much as possible.

This is a downloadable audio (mp3) and Workbook (pdf) so you can be enjoying them in only a few minutes from now.