Pleasure Energy

Pleasure Energy

Harness the Power of your Female, Sexual, Orgasm Energy to create massive success and prosperity in all areas of your life.

Orgasm energy is your life force energy. It is the energy of creation and manifesting – and that is not just for babies!

When, as a woman, you experience orgasm energy in your body, you are lit up from the inside out. You can become more confident and more magnetic to people, success and opportunities. Orgasm Energy can also help improve your intuition and creativity – and even your Good Luck!

Orgasm and Pleasure really does equal Prosperity Beyond Measure!

What is Orgasm Energy? and The Benefits of Orgasm

Female energy works differently to the male energy. Our energy is a feel-amazing energy that buzzes and tingles through our whole physical body, so it is a whole-mind-body- spirit, or holistic in the truest sense of the word, energy, which is very connected with how we feel in the moment.
It does not have to be the orgasm in the sense we often think of it, which is a build up of energy that happens during sexual intercourse to a point where it sort of “tips over the edge” or “explodes” in our bodies, which leads to a huge release of energy.
This is more of a continuous revving of energy flowing around your body that you can tap into at will, as well as expand or contract as necessary. Read More…….

The Mystery of Sex Energy According to Napoleon Hill 1937

In his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, published in 1937 talks about the Power of Sex and Transmutation at the 10th Step towards riches.

It is probably the least understood chapter and certainly the least discussed in personal development and success circles.

From his studies of thousands of successful men – the book was written in the 1930s, so there were not very many successful, independent, self-made women at the time – he found that the majority of them were very highly sexed AND they had also learnt how to channel that energy into creating fantastic fortunes. Read More…..

How to Have ORGASMIC Growth in Your Business

The key to this explosive success lies in the words ORGASM and ORGASMIC themselves. When we look at each letter in turn, we see the secrets reveal themselves before our eyes.

O does, of course, stand for Orgasm and Orgasmic, which can, and should be, fun, exciting and passionate. Do you feel that way about your goals and intentions? Do you feel intense physical pleasure in your body when contemplate taking actions in your business? If there is chemistry and physical attraction between you and your business, then you are well on your way to magnetizing them into your life. Read More….

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