Personal Growth

I am a big fan of Personal Growth and Continuous Personal Development. Over the years I have read many books and attended many seminars and workshops to find ways to improve my own life, create the success that I desire for myself and to help others to do the same. I have found that there is actually quite a simple formula to success, but, we as humans tend to make it more complicated than we need to. Below is the formula and the products that I have created to help with each step of the process.

The process is as follows:

This is the exact process I used in my Changing Lives Coaching Programme to help clients to identify and clear one core limiting belief. Once we got to the deepest problem belief, a lot of the rest of the beliefs came tumbling down like a deck of cards.

That belief was often some form of “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy or deserving” or something where people felt fundamentally flawed or inadequate. All of which is nonsense. You are an amazing, abundant being.

Many limiting beliefs come from our families and recent science has shown that we can also still be carrying the beliefs and trauma in our DNA from things that happened to our ancestors. When you start to examine your own beliefs, which are shown in your daily habits and behaviours, the good news is that you can easily release what does not serve you and choose beliefs that support and empower you.

Products to help you on your Journey