Orgasmic Growth in Your Business

How to have ORGASMIC Growth in your Business

The key to this explosive success lies in the words ORGASM and ORGASMIC themselves. When we look at each letter in turn, we see the secrets reveal themselves before our eyes.

O does, of course, stand for Orgasm and Orgasmic, which can, and should be, fun, exciting and passionate. Do you feel that way about your goals and intentions? Do you feel intense physical pleasure in your body when contemplate taking actions in your business? If there is chemistry and physical attraction between you and your business, then you are well on your way to magnetizing them into your life.

O  also stands for Outrageous. What is the most outrageously, off-the-scale- goal you could ever set for yourself? AS Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, “whatever the mind of man (and woman) can achieve and conceive, it can achieve,” so if that thought dares to pop into your head, you can have it materialise in your life. What is also the most Outrageous action step you could take towards your dreams? Often massive success lies just the other side of Outrageous being and doing.

O  also stands for OOOOOOOO, which is one of my most favourite sounds! It is also one of the sounds of creation. As you go about your day, try saying to yourself, “OOO, that feels good!” This is better out loud if you can. Guaranteed to make you smile!

R stands for Roaring, as in a Roaring Lioness, that knows what she wants, boldly asks for it and expects to get it.   She knows she is powerful and will support and defend her friends and family when she can, however she is not prepared to take put downs or silly bullshit nonsense from anyone.

R can also stand for Raving fans who love you and what you do because you are different! Raving fans lead to Referrals and this is probably the fastest and easiest way to create explosive growth in your business.

R is a Raucous Cackle! Every woman should have one of these every day, where you laugh so much your sides hurt. A Raucous Cackle is the sort of laughter that comes out when you have just said “rude words” that you “shouldn’t” say at a polite dinner table. This is what you hear coming out of the “naughty corner” when the words sex and orgasm are put in the same sentence as business and money, and you want to  make sure no-one was listening, but you are going to carry on anyway because it feels good!

G of course has to stand for G-Spot, that fantastic spot in the female body that can trigger off all these immense feelings of pleasure and orgasmic excitement for your business.

G is also Gorgeous, which is what you are as a woman. The more you can feel your own beauty and you feel good about yourself, the more that radiates out into the world and the more magnetic you become to success. Each morning, look in your mirror and state, “Good Morning Gorgeous!”

G is for Generous. This is generous to yourself first and foremost and then to everyone else afterwards. Give yourself the same generosity of time and money that you would give to your best friend – even if you have to make an appointment in you diary with yourself. Fill your own cup first and then you have so much more to give to others, both in business and in life in general.

G could also be for both Gigantic and Guilt-free! Gigantic success often comes from allowing yourself to have that Gigantic Success and then taking Gigantic steps towards it. Give yourself permission to be a Giant-ess! Gigantic comes from the word Giant, which is a strong, powerful, fearless person. All this needs to happen Guilt-free. Allow yourself to ditch that old chestnut because it does not serve anyone. You can do far more in the world, when you allow yourself to have mega-money, which nourishes you first and then contributes to others. Make yourself and your personal pleasure your number one priority in your life. When you do that – guilt free- everything else falls into place!

A is for another of my favourite sounds, AAAAA! This is another of the sounds of creation and you can let out a big AAA sound whenever you feel any tension building in your life. Do this a few times and see how the sound changes from a sigh of frustration to excitement and anticipation! It may well amuse you like it does me and when you go into a meeting chuckling to yourself, you will naturally cause everyone else to open up and giggle along with you.

A stands for Awesome and Amazing, which what you are. There is a saying that “people buy people” first before they buy products and services and it is true. People want to be around people that live and breathe Awesome and Amazing!  Feel your own awesomeness and amazingness in your body. Don’t just tell repeat the words as meaningless affirmations, actually feel it in your body, especially in your whole belly area.

A also stands for Authentic. Your customers in business want to know you as a person. People are sick of false masks and pretence. They want to see an authentic person, who is congruent in what they say and what they do.  In being authentic, you might repel certain people, who you would consider to be your ideal customer, however you will also draw others to you, who “get you” and these might well end up being more profitable relationships – they will certainly be more fun!

S gives Sensations, Sounds and Shaking! How can you create a sensation for your business, so that you stand out and people remember you? How could you give people a shake and wake them up to you and your business? How could you use sound in a different way in your business?  Putting words to music and singing can be an incredibly effective way to attract attention to yourself and your business. Rocking out to your favourite upbeat song is also a fabulous way to get your day started, and boost you up if you are feeling low.

S is for STROKING. This is stroking yourself on a daily basis, so you feel like a pussy cat that is purring in pleasure. This can be physically touching and stroking your own skin, as well as the pleasure organ in your body. For extra feel-pampered feeling, trying adding in sounds such as aaa, ooo and mmm. You can also stroke yourself with your breathing, where you feel like each delicious breath is stroking, nurturing and supporting you. When you feel  totally pleasured yourself, you then have so much more you can give to other people, so you are giving from a cup that is overflowing, rather than one that is depleted. What could you then do for your clients, where they feel nourished, stroked and all warm and tingly inside after they have interacted with you and your business?

S is also for Shock.  When you create a shock-factor for your business, it gets people’s attention. It wakes them up out of their daily slumber and you get their immediate and undivided attention. This might only be for a few seconds, whilst they make the decision that they are either completely repelled by you or they want to know more.

S is for Shame –free! Women have been shamed for far too long for being women , for who they are as people and who they are in the workplace. Your sexual energies and orgasm energies are really the life force energies that flow around your body and make you unique as a woman. You cannot leave all of that at home in the bedroom and try to function from the head up in the workplace.  When you step into your own personal power as a women, become proud of who you are and go out into the world feeling sexy and sensual, you are going to be magnetic to other people. You can celebrate that attention as well as setting your own boundaries, which you expect to be honoured. When you respect yourself, you set the standard for how you expect to be treated and people respond accordingly.

M is for MMMM. This is another one of my favourite sounds and is also one of the sounds of creation. As you go about your day, say  ”MMMM, that is delicious” a few times – out loud! Notice how your mood changes and people around you light up as well. When you feel good about yourself, people around you feel good as well and they are more likely to buy from you – and that does not mean you have to engage in the “worlds’ oldest profession!”

M is also for Marvellous, Magnificent and More!  How could you create an experience for your clients in your business that has them using the words Marvellous, Magnificent and More please? What else could you add in, that might not necessarily cost you a great deal to provide, but which adds a lot of extra value for your clients and leaves them raving about you and your business to others.

So that is the letters of ORGASM. When we add on the extra letters to turn that into ORGASMIC, we get some valuable, additional insights.

I is for Intuition. When you start to harness the power of your female energies and to allow yourself to feel pleasure in your body, one of the interesting benefits is that your intuition increases greatly. This is where the term “gut-feeling” comes from, both many women don’t access it from their gut, they try to access it from the head area. When you have an important question, drop your energy down into your belly and breathe deeply from there for a few moments until you get an answer. You will know it is correct when it “feels” right. This guidance system is invaluable for being in the right place at the right time to meet just the right person that can help you to explode your business. It is also your BS detector and you need this in business because you need to know who to trust and who to avoid. Trust it! It won’t let you down!

I gives INCLUSIVE. This means you don’t have to do everything on your own. Include other people in your plans, especially other women who can help and support you. These ladies can also hold you accountable to things you have said you will do, which stops procrastination! Get a team around you and remember to include your partner, if you have one. Include your customers in your business growth. Ask their opinions on new products and services you are considering offering and allow them to feel a part of the process. They are more likely to buy from you when they feel included.

I also stands for INTENSE. This is the passion you have for your business and it is important to really feel that intensity deep in your lady parts. When you have the same level of intensity for your business and your goals as you feel when you experience intense pleasure, then you are going to be very magnetic to your goals. There might be times in your business when you also need to apply INTENSE effort to get something done by a specific deadline and then you can relax and allow all those pleasurable feelings to wash over you, knowing you have honoured your promises to yourself.

I is for INTEGRITY. You and your business really are one, so whatever you do in business, has to be in honour of yourself and your values. If something does not feel right to you or you do not like a business practice within your company, then don’t do it! There is a valuable little word called NO and it is perfectly acceptable to use it. Integrity means having everything in alignment, so you speak your truth from your heart. People respond to this and respect you when you do it and live it.

A further I is INNUENDO. The English language contains so many words and phrases that can have multiple meanings. It is the basis for the British sense of humour that can cause us to be splitting our sides laughing at something, whilst the joke is completely lost on other people.  Sometimes innuendo can be very useful in business conversations because it can interrupt someone’s pattern of thought, it can get their attention and also create laughter and humour. It can also get your customers to think about you and your business in a whole new way!

And finally, no discussion on the subject of Orgasm and Orgasmic Energies in Business would be complete without our CLIMAX with the letter C.

C for CLIMAX is when you get to your goal, all the hard word has paid off and you have achieved what you wanted. You can now CELEBRATE your Success and give yourself the CREDIT you really deserve. Do not belittle your achievements. Be thankful for all the CHALLENGES you have encountered- and overcome – which have helped you to grow as a woman and to create explosive growth in your business.

C is also for CONSISTENCY. Now you have found what works to create explosive growth in your business, it is important to keep going that. Little and often regularly really is better than a big effort once in a while.

C also gives you the COURAGE to take big, bold steps in exciting new directions.

And finally, remember the powerhouse in your body that can make all this possible for you. As a woman you have an organ in your body, which is dedicated solely to your personal pleasure.

Yes Ladies, our final C is for your CLITORIS. She is incredibly sensitive, with over 8000 nerve endings and she loves to be stroked.  She wants you to put you and your personal pleasure as a first priority in your life and when you do, she will reward you will everything your heart desires.

When you feel pleasured and orgasmic in your life and allow yourself to harness those unique female energies in your body, everything else really does work. You become more magnetic to people, opportunities and success which means you end up working less, earning more and having much less stress. This has a knock on effect into every area of your life including health, relationships and your personal things.

So, Ladies, power up the Orgasm Energy and create explosive Growth in your Business!

© 2015 Amanda Goldston