Glacier Express at Zermatt

Lucky Winner

I am a keen Comper – person who enters and wins Consumer Competitions. I have been very lucky and truly blessed to win some wonderful prizes over the years, ranging from cash, to household goods, electrical gadgets, holidays and even the boudoir photoshoot that gave me the photos I used for my book. I have also made some amazing friends of equally mad compers. I have put together some photos of some of my favourite wins.

Amanda in the Mountains
Trip to Zermatt, Switzerland
Trip to LAAX, Switzerland
Trip to LAAX, Switzerland
Boudoir Photo Shoot
Boudoir Photo Shoot
Amanda Goldston Hot Air Balloon Flight Prize Win
Hot Air Balloon Flight for four people
New Dishwasher
New Dishwasher
Macbook Air
MacBook Air Laptop
Afternoon Tea and 2 Night Overnight stay at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor
Afternoon Tea and 2 Night Overnight stay at Bovey Castle, Dartmoor
Stay at Forest Holidays
Stay at Forest Holidays
White and Mackay Whisky
White and Mackay Whisky

People often ask me how I have been so lucky and I have put together a few top tips, which you can read below.

How I got Lucky in winning Consumer Competitions

Winning at consumer competitions is much like winning at anything else in life, you have to know what you want to achieve, have an organised plan for getting there, take consistent action, celebrate your wins and move on from not winning.

Some Top Tips:

  1. Create a Wishlist of what you would like to win. There are competitions around for pretty much everything that you could buy in a shop, as well as experiences that are frequently classed as money-can’t-buy. You can create a wishlist as a simple picture vision board, or create a video or use an online programme such as Pinterest or simply write out a list.
  2. Enter comps for prizes that you would really like to win or know someone that could use the prize. That is a much better use of your time than trying to enter everything and ending up with prizes that are of no use to you.
  3. Finding comps to enter is not hard to do. There are several competition listing sites, forums and groups you can join where other people list competitions. I use Di Coke’s SuperLucky Page of Facebook, as well as her Lucky Learners Facebook Group. I also subscribe to Compers News and am a member of their Chatterbox Forum. These are great for getting the heads on up promotions that are coming up, as well as comps which might have a short entry period.The other group I use a lot is Loquax as these are listed by users and are quite free from ads. You can also search for your own comps.
  4. Pick a type of competition that suits you. Over the years, I have won a fair few prizes from simply entering my name and details into a website. I also like creative competitions, as there tend to be less entries when more effort is required. I have also won some nice prizes from promotions featured on products that I have bought. Personally I am not the biggest fan of social media comps, although you can win some very nice prizes, especially in the run up to Christmas.
  5. Get into action. Enter comps on a regular basis. I have set up a simple bookmarking system to make sure I don’t duplicate my entries. Have an organised system to entering comps, storing purchase receipts and checking back on closing dates.
  6. Have Fun. It is an amazing hobby and can bring you some wonderful experiences. Connect with other Compers who will joyfully celebrate your wins with you as well as lift you up when you are having a down patch.


Luck is a subject that really fascinates me and I have been very curious as to what I might be able to increase my luck and my winning. I have read numerous books on the subject and tried various processes that I have come across, ranging from mantras and affirmations, to crystals, to visualisations and numerous things in between.

I have noticed that the better I feel about myself, the more my luck seems to increase. So, when I am positive, upbeat, happy, confident, enthusiastic about comping and life in general, things flow for me.

A few things I have done to raise my own energy include:

  • Singing positive songs and dancing around like a mad thing. I love the song “Cider Drinker” by the Wurzels, so I re-wrote the words to make it into a positive comping song for myself.
  • Reading stories about winners and studying them, especially their words, their body language and their energy to learn what makes them a winner and what I could model from them to make myself luckier.
  • Making connections with other lucky winners, joining groups they are part of and hanging out with them where I could to learn from their wisdom. This has also been a great source of laughter as I have learned what outrageous things other people have done to win prizes.
  • Pleasure and Sex Energy. This is our life-force and creative energy and when we consciously harness its power, magic can happen. I first discovered this back in 2014 and noticed it initially in a dramatic increase in my sales, where I was working much less and earning more and everything seemed to flow.

When, as a woman, you experience orgasm energy in your body, you are lit up from the inside out. You can become more confident and more magnetic to people, success and opportunities. Orgasm Energy can also help improve your intuition and creativity – and even your Good Luck! I then started to apply this to my Comping and began to notice a dramatic increase in my wins. The sexier I felt on the inside, the more magnetic I became to opportunities, finding myself in the right place at the right time to find out about short-date comps, feeling inspired to go back and look at webpages and discovering I had won a prize, where I wasn’t tagged and my name was misspelled, and picking up the phone (within 5 rings) to a fabulous radio prize.

One of the things you can do, as you experiencing Pleasure, in whatever form that takes, is to think to yourself (or say outloud) I am a Lucky Winner, and see what happens in your day.

There are dozens of different ways you can raise your Pleasure energy, which may or may not involve sex and may or may not involve a partner. You can find our more about Raising Your Pleasure Energy here.