Learn Tarot Through Storytelling

There are a plethora of books and articles about how to read tarot cards and many of them contradict each other.  When you are starting to learn to read tarot cards this can be very confusing. You can easily get caught up in wondering who to listen to and which interpretation is the “right one.”

The truth is, there is no right answer. 

The pictures on tarot cards tell a story and as such make them a terrific way to connect with your Higher Self or Intuition because pictures are the oldest form of learning and can make a direct connection with your unconscious mind. As this is personal to everyone, this is the reason why you get very different viewpoints on every card.

Over time, certain cards will come to mean certain things to you. Despite that you can still find that you will suddenly get an intuitive flash as you look at a card and it may mean something that it has not meant before.

This is why it is very important to build up a personal relationship with your cards and develop your own interpretations.

Once you have chosen a deck of tarot cards that appeals to you personally, the best thing to do is put the booklet that came with it to one side and have a really good look at each of the cards. Take a card out of the deck.

Lay Out Your Cards

You may want to start with the Fool card, which is the first card of the Major Arcana or you may want to pick a card randomly. It does not really matter.

Notice the colours, the symbols and what is actually going on in the card, as well as any immediate feelings that you get when you look at the card.

Does it remind you of someone or do you find yourself thinking of particular situation? Do you relate to situation the picture?

If you do that is brilliant.

Next, take another card and have a really good look at it. Make a note of any observations. Then lay it next to the other card and see how the story has changed. One card may be light and bright and the other may add a more challenging aspect.

As you look at the two cards, allow yourself to build up a story of what is going on. How have things changed from one card to another?

Imagine you are telling a story to a child (or to another adult if you have picked very challenging cards). Use the pictures to stimulate your intuition.

It may feel like imagination and that you are just making things up, however this is a very powerful way for your intuition to connect with you or your client and to learn to read tarot cards.

If you are doing a reading for someone else and you simply describe to them what you can see going on in the pictures, you will be amazed at how accurate your reading is. It may not make much sense to you, however your client’s subconscious mind takes your words along with the visual image of the picture and creates the exact right message for them. This also happens when reading for yourself.

You can then add another card and continue the story. A reading based on 3 cards is one of the simplest spreads. It is often used as a Past-Present-Future situation, although it does not need to be.

When you learn to read tarot cards and you are offering an interpretation of the cards in front of you, whether for yourself or for others, it is very like a recounting a story and the more you can let that ability flow, the easier you will find it to learn to read tarot cards.

Happy Storytelling.
Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author, Reader and Guide
©2009 Amanda Goldston