Asking Questions to get the Best Answers from Your Tarot Cards

If you have a tricky decision to make, or are wondering whether you should trust someone, Tarot cards can be a great help.

They can help you to quickly access your intuition and all your inner resources to help you to make the best choices for you. It is very likely that you already know the answer in your heart. 

If you can hear it or feel, it may be that you are not trusting it and the cards can confirm your intuition or gut feeling for you.

Take a few deep breaths to relax and calm your mind and then ask your question.  Ask that the answers will be for the “highest good of all concerned”.

Yes-No Questions

The most commonly asked question is a question requiring a Yes/No answer, such as “Will I get that job?” “Will he ask me out on a date?” “Should I move house?” “Is my daughter going to pass her exams?”  “Should I marry that man?”

These can be very difficult questions to answer because they have an underlying presumption that our life is mapped out for us, that everything is pre-determined by someone or something and that we have little or no influence over it, other than just showing up on the day.

This is obviously not the case, as we have free will and make our own choices.

There may be situations that come into our lives, over which we appear to have no control, however we can always choose how we react to them.

Power Questions

Be very careful with trying to answer a Yes/No question, as it may be more be more appropriate to ask a question such as
“What would be the likely outcome if I did this or that?” or
“What do I need to know to make a decision about?”
“What would most help me to move forward in this situation?”
“How can I improve the communication between me and …?”

The most powerful questions to ask are about what we personally can do about a situation. What actions can we take? What decisions could we make? How could we change our feelings or reactions about something?

When asking about the outcome of a situation, remember that the cards will give you a likely outcome IF you continue on exactly the same path and you do not make any changes. The cards assume you don’t change anything. However, as soon as you do something differently, the whole thing will change. This can be very useful for looking at alternate futures.

So you could ask questions such as “What would be the outcome if I took the job I have been offered?” or “What would be the outcome if I stayed in my current job?” or maybe “What would be the outcome if I applied for a promotion?”

You can look at the different likely outcomes and then you can make the decision that is best for you.

When asking questions, it is important to remember that we cannot change the behaviour of someone else and it can be difficult to get information about another person because they might change their mind and do something completely different.

The clearer you are about what you want to know, the easier it will be to get a meaningful answer and some helpful guidance.

Trust Your Immediate Reaction

Pull out 2 or 3 cards or how ever many seem appropriate to you and trust that the answers will be the correct ones for you.

Notice what you can see, what the colours, symbols and pictures are on the card, notice anything that leaps out of the card at you. Be aware of any immediate thoughts, feelings, words or impressions.

Notice your immediate reaction.  Trust that. It will give you the clearest answers. Once you start to logically analyse the card, then the power of that intuitive prompt can quickly be lost.

You can look up the meanings in a book if you would like some further insights or distinctions, although I would strongly advise that you don’t do that because you might dilute the power of the answers that have come from your own unconscious mind or Higher Self or your own Inner Wisdom.

You are in control and the Tarot is just one of the tools in your toolbox.

With abundant blessings,
Amanda Goldston
Tarot Author, Coach and Guide

©Amanda Goldston 2009