Unashamedly Eccentric:

An Eccentric mixture of :
Creator of Meditations and Relaxations
Tarot Author and Teacher
Mountain Walking Girl with a Passion for Travel
Author of “The Pleasure Path to Wealth”
Lover of Fine Cake and Chocolate

I am Amanda. I love to to travel, especially to areas with mountains, lakes and stunning scenery. I am a keen walker and completed a Walk 1000 Miles Challenge. I am a big fan of delicious cake, chocolate and clotted cream.

As I have travelled, I have sought out the local cakes, chocolates, ice-creams and other sweet desserts. With this blog, I would like to show you some of those delicacies, along with the stunning scenery that I was looking at whilst I enjoyed them.

I have attempted to make some of these things myself at home, so I have included photos of my baking efforts where appropriate.

I am a keen reader and love Mind, Body, Spirit and Personal Development Books and programmes, so I have included some of those on here, where they have helped me on my journey.

I have also been very blessed over the years to win some lovely prizes in competitions that I have entered, so those are on here as well.

I am from North Devon, in the beautiful South West of England.

Over the years, I have a created a range of mind-body-spirit, personal growth products, including Clear Limiting Beliefs, Creative Problem Solver, Prepare Yourself for Success, Develop Your Intuition and a beautiful product to help Heal Grief.

I am a Tarot Author and Teacher with 3 books on the subject, as well as audio and video courses.

I have also written books on the subject of the Power of Female Energies, specifically sex and orgasm energy to create what you want in your life. I have used this to improve my luck and win over £30,000 worth of prizes in consumer competitions over the last 5 years.