Wookey Hole, Somerset

I went away on holiday for a few days with Greg, although he was working for most of it. I parked up at Wookey Hole in Somerset and decided to try to find the Ebbor Gorge, which is a gorge of scientific interest. I followed the signs as I came out of the car park and then must have missed the turning because I did not see another sign and did not end up going where I wanted to go. Instead I turned up a farm track and ended up right on the very top of the hill.

It was quite a steep climb to the top and I thought I would end up looking down on this gorge, but I didn’t. The views from the top of the hill were quite spectacular and I could see for miles, including right across the valley towards Glastonbury Tor.

I decided to make my way back in the direction of the village, with the view that I would be able to find a find back down.

As it was, I ended up looking down on the Wookey Hole park and coming down on the outside of the park, near the entrance to the Witch’s Cave. Not quite what I had planned, but a good walk nonetheless.  I ended up in the shop and treated myself to a very yummy Westcountry ice-cream.

I had to go into the City of Wells, which is only a couple of miles away, to post a letter, so I thought I would find myself a good coffee shop for a rest. I wandered around the Cathedral grounds for a while.

I ended up at “Strangers Coffee Shop,” which I had found by doing an online search for a coffee shop. It was the top rated coffee shop in Wells on Tripadvisor and I could quite see why. The coffee was gorgeous, the homemade lemon and raspberry cake was yummy and the owners were very passionate about their coffee.

That evening, Greg informed that he had not done his steps for the day, so he wanted to go for a walk that evening, so we had a nice little walk around the town where we were staying.

This brought my total mileage for the day to 9.59 miles.

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