Wonderful Walk with Walking for Health Group

Today, I went on a lovely walk with my friends from Walking for Health. We started at the King’s Head pub in Atherstone and walked along the canal paths, which were fairly dry. I was quite surprised at this as we have had quite a lot of rain recently.

We walked up through the woods, which was quite a steep climb. I try and stay towards the front of the group where possible, as it is easier for me to keep up with the pace, rather than allowing myself to lag behind at the back.

We walked through the fields and back into Atherstone. It was a sort of figure of eight type of walk, ending up back at the pub for lunch.

As we were a group of 17, they had opened up the Carvery for us for lunch. It was very tasty and I am sure I ate far more than I really should have done. I did not even have room for dessert, which, for me, is quite unusual.

The Walking for Health group are a friendly group of people and I have felt very welcome. The walks with this particular group tend to be around 4 miles, taking approximately 2 hours, which is averaging around 22- 24 minutes per mile. That is a fast enough past for me to get my heart beating and to work up a bit of a sweat without it being too strenuous.

Today was surprisingly warm. I had wrapped myself up in several layers of clothes, with my waterproof trousers as well. It was not long before my hat and scarf came off, followed by my coat being opened and my fleece being unzipped a bit at the top.

I felt quite warm because of my waterproof trousers, but I was glad I had them because the paths in the second half of the walk were quite a bit muddier than the ones at the beginning, so the waterproofs at least kept my trousers clean.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable walk and am looking forward to the next one.


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