Walk around Thornton Reservoir – despite back pain!

Walk around Thornton Reservoir – despite back pain!

Over the last week I have been suffering from lower back pain.

I have not got to the bottom of the cause of it yet and I am still unsure of the cause or causes of the pain and quite what I need to do about it.

I decided I would go for our regular Sunday walk and see if that eased it.

It is quite strange, as I am trying to keep my body upright, yet it feels like my bottom is sticking out. Due to bad posture and holding myself in a strange way, I have also had pain in my knees and in my hips.

I am seeing the Consultant tomorrow, so I should get some answers then.

It was really lovely at Thornton Reservoir in Leicestershire. The sun was shining, but not too hot and it was pleasant to walk.

Greg remembered to start Endomondo at the beginning, so we had an accurate measurement of distance and calories burned off.

First stop was taking some pictures of baby swans and baby ducks!

Greg was using his infrared camera today, so we had some stunning black and white pictures of me and our daughter, Stephanie, as well as the scenery around the lake.

Of course, no walk is complete without the obligatory ice-cream at the end!

This last picture really summed up how I feel at the moment, not quite disabled, but aching and not moving very well!

Have a great week.
With abundant blessings.

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