Walk around Hints, Tamworth with East Staffordshire Ramblers

This morning I went for a lovely walk around Hints, just outside of Tamworth, with my new friends from East Staffordshire Ramblers.

This was a circular route of just over 5 miles. For most of the route, we walked along the Heart of England Way, which runs from Cheshire, all the way down to past Solihull.

The leaders had a route card that looked as if it had come from Country Walking Magazine, which was very clear and easy to follow.

We started the route with a HILL! This went from the lowest point of 255 feet (77 metres)  to a peak of 492 feet in (149 metres) just over a mile.

Hill on Hints Walk

Hill on Hints Walk

Our average speed at this point was 2.5 mph, so we did not really slow our pace just because we were going uphill.

I was struggling a little bit and one of the gentlemen kindly waited for me to make sure I was OK.

Apparently this was the easier way around the route with the hill at the start, rather than the hill at the end.

What this has highlighted to me is how unfit I have let myself become over the last few months.

From the lowest point of weight in February 2013, I have put back on 3 stone (42 lbs/ 19kg). No wonder I was puffing with carrying all that extra weight with me.

I have put on about 2/3 of that since the Summer of 2015, which has been a mixture of a sedentary job with lots of driving and sitting, unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.

Considering how easily we walked from Crag Sogn Gion to Crap Masegne in Switzerland in July 2014,  my lack of fitness was actually a bit of a shock to me.

This was quite a fast paced walk, which was exactly what I needed. We walked just over 5 miles in 2 hours 17 minutes. That included stopping for 15 minutes for a coffee break at the top of the hill and me walking at a snail’s pace up the first hill.

I met one of the ladies last week at the Blithfield Walk and everyone else was new to me.

Once again I felt very welcome and included. It was lovely to chat as we were walking along.

Although I live in Tamworth and Hints is only 4 miles away, I have never been there and never done this route before.

We walked past the old church in Hints.  I saw very similar patterns on the door as I had seem on the ancient Chalice Well in Glastonbury in the Summer.

church door at Hints church

Church door at Hints Church

On the way down, we passed the old boundary marker between Staffordshire and Warwickshire, so we had actually spent a lot of the walk in Warwickshire.

staffordshire warwickshire county boundary

Staffordshire Warwickshire County Boundary

East Staffordshire Ramblers is a great group of people with a varied programme to suit all ages and experience of walking.

Looking forward to going on another walk very soon.




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