Walk 1000 Miles Challenge


I have just come across this challenge to walk 1000 miles during the course of a year and I thought that it is perfect for me.

I am starting it today, 14th June 2015, which, incidentally, was my paternal grandmother’s birthday (Happy Birthday Nanny Ridd), so I am already half way through the year.

This means I need to walk around 40 miles a week, from now until the end of the year, which is just over 6 miles a day.

I think that is actually quite achievable.

I have my Garmin VivoFit on my wrist, which I won from a competition run by wave 105 radio  a couple of months ago. This is brilliant because it tracks my steps and also tells me how many miles I have walked in a day. I have discovered that 13500 steps equates to around 6 miles for me, so that is a great gauge as to what I am doing.

Garmin Prize win from Wave 105 Radio

Garmin Prize win from Wave 105 Radio

So why do I want to do this?

Well, I have put on a bit of weight recently, with doing a lot of sitting and eating and not much moving, so I want and need to shift the extra stones/pounds that I have allowed to take up residence around my stomach and my bottom.

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently as to what I want to do with my life and I would love to spend my days walking in the mountains of Switzerland, and showing other people the wonders of the mountains, so in order to do that, I need to be a lot fitter than I am right now.

I want to go on more walking trips within the UK to explore the beauty of the English countryside, especially mountains, and then share that awesomeness with others.

I also find that walking is a great healer and a great way to release old, negative emotions. I find myself very tearful at the moment, which might be my age or my hormones or some other quirk or nature, so walking 1000 miles might just be a Journey to a whole new, happier me!

Day One – Walk around StationFields in Tamworth

This is right on my doorstep and is about 3 miles as a round trip, although there is a lot of scope to walk much further. I like to walk up and around the top of the first field, from where there are some great views back towards Tamworth.

Tamworth, as a town, was once the ancient capital of Mercia and has a long history going back thousands of years. When I stand on the top of the hill, I often imagine the Knights of Old galloping down over the open fields, and heading towards the castle in Tamworth, which is almost in a straight line.

This is a very pretty area, especially when the fields are awash with crops. There has been talk of building houses here on these fields, which would be a real shame, although I wonder whether anyone from the Council has been down here when it has rained heavily and seen the extent of the flooding in these fields!

I walked around to the fields by the river and then tried to follow the path up to the fields at the top. They were very overgrown. It was gorgeous to see fields of meadow land, with tall grasses and wild flowers but it was very difficult to walk through.

Part Two – Pooley Nature Reserve

When I got back, my husband Greg asked me if I would like to go to Pooley Nature Reserve with him to take some photographs. I thought this would be a great idea, as it would help improve my photography skills and also help me to cover a few more miles.

We did not walk as far as we normally do when we go to Pooley because we were focused more on taking photographs.

It was a fabulous afternoon out, and, by the time I had finished, I had walked over 5 miles in total.

Daily Updates

I shall be keeping track of my daily miles and steps in my Garmin VivFit.

So, the journey of 1000 miles has begun today with the first steps.

According to my tracker, I walked 6.03 miles and 14,205 steps.
With abundant blessings.

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