Walk 1000 Miles 2017 Week One

Greg and I both had a good start to this Walk 1000 Miles in a Year Challenge. Greg walked 20.6 miles and I walked 29.3 miles. The challenge is an average of 2.74 miles per day, so we are both on track.

Hopwas Woods Walk

On Monday we went for a walk in Hopwas Woods near Tamworth. I did one of my favourite circular routes, whilst Greg walked along the canal taking photographs. That arrangement works really well as it allows us both to do the things we want to do.

I walked up to the top part of the woods, which has some of the oldest trees. I really love it up there, as it is so quiet and peaceful.

Hopwas Woods ©2017 Amanda Goldston

Hopwas Woods and Coventry Canal ©2017 Amanda Goldston


Sunlight catching the frost on leaves #hopwaswoods #tamworth #walk1000miles

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Coventry Canal Tamworth to Fazeley

On Tuesday, Greg went back to work, so he started the routine of a daily walk from his office at lunchtime. We also went for a walk around Tamworth Park in the evening, which was really nice.

During the day on Tuesday I did one of my regular walks along the Coventry Canal from Tamworth to Fazeley. It was a shorter walk than usual as my foot was hurting a little and I have been told to ease gently back into walking.

Wigginton Park

On Thursday I went for a walk in Wigginton Park, which is a little oasis of greenery in Tamworth, tucked away beside the main railway lines and behind the industrial estates. This has a mixture of talk conifers and old oak trees. Due to the amount of rain we have had, it was quite soft underfoot for walking, but it was very pleasant.


Cannock Chase

On Saturday we decided to go for a walk on Cannock Chase. I have not been up there for ages. The last time I went was in September, when I started to have real problems with my knee. I had wanted to see the Glacial Boulder at Brocton, because I missed it the last time.

When we got there, it was very foggy and we nearly did not get out of the car. We walked to the boulder, which is much smaller than I expected, so it is no wonder I walked right past it.

Glacial Boulder, Brocton, Cannock Chase

Glacial Boulder, Brocton, Cannock Chase

Greg wanted to walk a little way down the path to see if there were any photographic opportunities in the mist, so we set off. I am really glad we did because there was less fog in the valleys below.

We walked through Brocton Coppice, which is a very ancient part of Cannock Chase, so much so that there are warnings to the public to be careful of tree branches, as they might suddenly break off without warning!

My husband Greg, @goldston137 out on a walk in #broctoncoppice #cannockchase as we both do our #walk1000miles for 2017

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We came down to the Stepping Stones and walked back to an area called Seven Springs and back up the Valley to the Trig point on the top.

Amanda Greg Trig Point Cannock Chase

Amanda and Greg at one of the Trig Points on Cannock Chase

By this time we were back in the fog and visibility was very poor. It was 5.5 miles of real up hill and down dale, but I am really glad we did it.


Clent Hills Worcestershire

This was another place that I visited last Summer and again, I thought there would be some fantastic views for Greg to take pictures. However, we were once again greeted with thick fog and fine drizzle, so visibility was very poor.

We managed a few fog and mist shots, although not very many. This was a very muddy walk, as the paths had been churned up by cyclists and horses. Once cyclist even decided to use the standing stones as a stand for his bicycle.

We enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of cake in the National Trust Car Park.

An excellent start to the #walk1000miles challenge for 2017.


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