VIP Transformation Day

Change the Energy in your Body and Change your Life

Napoleon Hill, author of the famous “Think and Grow Rich” called this energy the most, powerful, driving force in the creation of success and dedicated a whole chapter to it, called the 11th Principle, The Transmutation of Sex Energy.

When you tap into the powerful, life-force energies in your physical body, you can override limiting beliefs (which are head and mind based) in moments.

When I discovered how to use this power in my own life, it changed everything. I even wrote a book about it called “Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity” (available on amazon).

I now teach other women ( and men too) how to tap into this powerful energy to create the life of your dreams.

VIP Transformation Day

This is a day that is focused on you, your dreams, your goals and challenges.
Prior to the day I ask you to complete an Ideal Day and BIG WHY Questionnaire, so we have that as a starting point to create complete clarity for you.

Some of the things we explore are:
• Your current connection and physical chemistry with your goals and dreams
• Orgasm energy – what it is and isn’t
• How to feel your own orgasm energies
• Blast out fears and doubts that are tarnishing your sparkling diamond
• Understand both highly charged orgasm energy and deeply calm and peaceful energy
• Orgasm Power Up Experience to trigger and experience your orgasm energies.
• Intuitive insights from your Orgasmic Self for your next big, bold action steps
• Protecting your sparkling energies from negative people
• Commit to your powerful action steps

This VIP is best experienced in person, however it can also be done virtually via skype. None of these experiences require me to physically touch you. There is no nudity.

Whilst the VIP Transformation Day can be done as a stand-alone day, it is recommended to do it as part of the 90 day Transformation Programme. This is done over skype, usually in 2 sessions. Session One identifies and clears blockages and Session 2 is the Orgasm Power Up session to be buzzing with orgasmic energy and ready to take the biggest, boldest action steps towards your goals you have taken a complete set of tools to harness those energies on demand.


A hands off energy clearing and activation of female sexual and pleasure energies session as part of VIP day. This clears out energetic blockages without having to go back into the stories of what they were. It also allows you to experience life force energy flowing around your body and especially orgasm energy, how to create that on demand and harness it as needed in your life.

£997 GBP

Please contact me for further details