Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity – 8 Day Video Course

Tap into the Power of your Female Orgasm Energy to Create Explosive Success in Your Life

  • Become more magnetic to people, opportunities and money.
  • Have powerful creative insights.
  • Know exactly what decisions to take next.
  • Know who to trust in business and who not to trust.
  • Take bigger and bolder action steps than you have ever taken.
  • Become luckier, so you show up at just the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities.

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With this 8 day video programme, some of the topics covered are:

  • How 10 minutes of OP-ing (Orgasmic Pleasuring) can turn a woman on from the inside out, so she goes out to work on fire and ready to conquer the world!
  • 17 ways to stimulate your Orgasm Energy.
  • 21 practical ways to use Orgasm Energy to create massive prosperity in your business.
  • How to control Your Personal Magnetism Thermostat from Invisible to Shining Lighthouse Beacon.
  • How to do Turbo-Charge Your Goal Setting with the Power of your Orgasm.

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Amanda Goldston experiencing an orgasmic glow in switzerland

Amanda Goldston Experiencing an Orgasmic Glow


__________________It's All Connected! Orgasm Your way to Prosperity! by Amanda Goldston___________________

“At a time, when I notice more and more people, both men and women, opening to embrace feminine energy in their lives, not just for their own personal benefit, but because the planet is crying out for it, Amanda has created a resource that is a clear, practical and easy to follow guide, showing women how to step into our true power through allowing and experiencing pleasure.

Amanda touched my life recently when she introduced me to the practice of OP-ing. Within a few short weeks, I am experiencing the benefits! I feel even more confident in my own skin, and, of my goddess given birthright to live a truly joy and pleasure filled life.

In her book, Amanda explains, how, as we focus on pleasure and increasing our vibration, moving up the positive energy spiral, any feelings of unworthiness, shame or other negative energies, often simply evaporate because they do not match our new energetic state. She offers easy-to-follow practices to support us to access orgasmic energy on a daily basis, so empowering us with the tools to succeed, aligned in our feminine, in both our businesses and the fullness of our lives.

It is exciting to me, to read a book that talks about orgasm and business in the same sentence! Thank you for sharing your knowing in such an gorgeous and accessible way Amanda.” Catherine Tapponnier,


Amanda Goldston has written an engaging, easy to read book that has something for all women. She has certainly opened my eyes to the energetic benefits of orgasms, and I since reading her book, I find I have a far more playful attitude to including orgasmic energy in my life. Sue M Coventry.


“In this book Amanda shares how she harnessed her feminine energies to spiral her personal success and prosperity upwards – and how you can do the same. You may need an open mind to explore her ‘orgasmic’ instruction but as you read the book you will sense her ‘wicked’ sense of humour and almost hear her ‘raucous cackle’. If you are new to energy this book will help you understand the main energy centres of the body and how they correspond to colour and your personal power. Amanda’s messages are simple – value yourself more, let go of guilt, be more open to receive and say yes to things you truly desire. Everything is the energy of pleasure – treat yourself like the Queen that you are!”
Liz Keaney ~ Speaker and Author ‘Warrior Women – How to be Magnificent through the Courage of Self Kindness’.