My Journey With Orgasm Energy

I was in a high-pressure job and was reasonably successful, but I noticed that it was having a detrimental effect on my marriage.

In February 2014 I was listening to a series of interviews about women stepping into their personal power by really tapping into the uniquely female energies in their bodies and harnessing them to create success in their lives.

I started to make PLEASURE a PRIORITY in every area of my life, including the immense amounts of pleasure my physical body could give me, in the form of Orgasms and Orgasmic Energy.

From there, I started to notice, that when I was able to harness these powerful energies in my body, my sales went up and so did my income. Actually, the number of sales did not really increase, but I found I was earning more money from each individual sale, working less hours and covering fewer appointments. I was feeling so much better and so much more alive and that was obviously reflected in my energy and everything about me

As I continued to increase my orgasm energy and to make me and my pleasure a priority, I found that certain things began to fall away. There were situations and people that I was no longer prepared to tolerate in my life because they did not nourish me.

I realised that I did not feel valued in my job. I was often working more than 60 hours per week over 6 days, so I was exhausted. My boss would kick up a huge fuss when I tried to book any days off. He frequently told me that my family was not important and that the only ingredient for success was non-stop work.

There were constant battles over money, which were incredibly draining and demotivating.

I needed to earn money to fund my daughters through University, so I kept going for as long as I could. I gradually came to realise that I really did not like this job and I did not want to do it.

When I started to increase my orgasm pleasure, I wrote out some little cards that I kept in my car and my diary that said, “How can I enjoy even more pleasure in my life and my work today?” The more I looked at these cards, the more I realised that I was not valuing myself in my job and was putting up with things that did not support me.

As my energy raised, I finally came to the conclusion that me and the job were completely incompatible. I could not see the company changing, so the only option was for me to honour myself and to move on.

I have to say, I am immensely grateful to that company for giving me a good income during that time. This enabled us to do some fantastic things that really took us upwards on the positive spiral.

From there I have applied Orgasm Energy to every area of my life, from healing the trauma left by the removal of an Ovarian Tumour, to clearing Limiting Beliefs and old patterns, to healing image and being comfortable with myself and my sexuality.
I have used it for creativity, intuition and winning prizes and sometimes just as a “Pleasure Pick Up.”