My daughter said I was having a Mid-Life Crisis!

My Daughter said I was having a Mid-Life Crisis! Yes, Really! Cheeky Madam!

My 1st response was a rather huffy – “I am not old enough to have a mid-life crisis!” to which Miss Answer-to-Everything replied, “Well it must be a quarter-life crisis then!”

OK, I was 51 at my last birthday – although I have told everyone for years that I am 36- and maybe I have had a few hormonal ups and downs and maybe I have just released a book called “The Pleasure Path to Path- How to Get Everything You Want Using The Power of Your Female Orgasm!” but I don’t think that can be classed as a mid-life crisis!

Just because my book cover is graced with some very sexy photos of me in a red corset, thong, stockings and suspenders and showing a lot of my legs, I certainly don’t think it justifies a deep eye-roll from a 20 something slip of a girl!

The Pleasure Path to Wealth Front and Back Cover

I am simply giving birth to a project, which I passionately believe in and feel that everyone woman to know about and embrace!

Back in 2014 I was listening to some material about how women could really empower themselves by embracing the awesome power to be found in our bodies, specifically in our sexual energy.

I started following some of the practices and noticed something quite amazing.

The more I allowed myself to experience PLEASURE in my body in the form of Orgasms, the more brightly I sparkled out in the world. I became magnetic to people and opportunities, my income went up and I worked less and earned more.

Hmm, how interesting.

Over the following years, I use the power of my Orgasm energy to do some pretty deep healing work, including healing the trauma left by the removal of an Ovarian Tumour in my 20s.

I cleared away a lot of negative beliefs about myself and my sexuality and ended up feeling totally at ease in a naked mixed sauna, which was more than could be said for a lot of women in the same sauna, who were scrunched up in shame, trying to hide their bodies under huge towels.

I found that it was not possible to have the powerful, powerful energies or Orgasm flowing round my body at the same time as the heavy, dense energies of self-loathing and judgment. They are vibrationally incompatible, so one or the other had to go.

One of my hobbies is competition and contest entering and winning and I have used a good dose of Orgasm energy to improve my Good Luck and win over £15,000 of prizes in the last 3 years, including a fabulous 7 night holiday to Zermatt, Switzerland.

Amanda looking at the Matterhorn

Looking at the Matterhorn

So I know from 1st hand experience that it works.

Last October I won a Burlesque photo shoot and I thought it would be a perfect time to update my book, which was originally released in 2015, with a new title and some new, sexy, orgasmic pictures.

Sexy PhotoShoot
This I did and the book has just been released. I have to say I am very proud of the results.

You can see it all at The Pleasure Path to Wealth
My book is on Amazon as a paperback and on kindle (free until 19th January 2018).

I have found I no longer care about the opinions and judgements of other people. I am having fun doing what I want to do.

I have found that the more I make My Pleasure my Number One Priority, the more everything else flows for me.

So, Cheeky Madam, if this is a Mid-Life Crisis or a Quarter-Life Crisis, then I can’t wait to see what the next segment brings!

Orgasm and Pleasure = Prosperity Beyond Measure
Amanda Goldston
MAD Woman at MAD Woman Academy (Magnificent, Awesome, Daring)

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Coaching and Orgasm Energy

Combine an Orgasm Power Up with Coaching Questions for Fantastic Insights

A great way to get insights or answers to problems is by asking yourself some powerful questions. You can ask the question of “What might the likely outcome be, if I pursue this path?” The answer is based on your current thoughts and feelings about that path. It also reflects the actions you are currently taking or not. The answer is not set in stone and will change as soon as you make any changes in thought, word and deed.

I did this exercise with a friend of mine when we were looking at a number of options for the direction of her business. Her energy was quite heavy because she was feeling overwhelmed and confused, so she was not thinking straight.

I asked her what options she was considering. Before she told me, I asked her to think about a hot, sexy tumble under the sheets with her partner, especially one where she had experienced lots of fun, pleasure and orgasms. Her face flushed and she started to giggle. Then suddenly she blurted out her top three choices for her business.

As we had narrowed them down to three, it made it easier to look at each one. I was using my tarot cards, so the pictures could speak directly to her own Inner Wisdom.

Before each option, I asked her to think back to her orgasm state. This was so that the answers were coming directly from her body and from her highest energy place.

“Naughty” words like “sex and orgasm” broke the chatter patterns in her mind, got her energies out of her head and down into her body. This meant she was open to receive much clearer answers to her questions.

Her physical body had the answers. She had Pleasure in her cells. She knew what pleasure felt like in relation to her husband. What we did was tap into the powerful pleasure of that Orgasm Energy and transfer it to her business.

Pleasure and business are not normally two words we find in the same sentence, especially as women. However, when we put them together, we can create business that makes us feel wonderful at every level – just like my friend’s sexy tumble with her husband made her feel.

We ended up back at the place that her own intuition and heart had told her to do, over a year ago. She had ignored this wisdom because she had unfortunately got caught up in “guru-itis,” where she felt that other so-called “experts” knew more about what was best for her and her business than her own body wisdom.

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From Skinny Dipping to Naked Sauna

From Skinny Dipping to Naked Sauna

In 2003 I went to Hawaii on a self-help seminar. I was “persuaded” to go skinny dipping in the hot tub with the rest of the members of the group. I did not really want to do it, as I loathed myself and my body. I felt really uncomfortable and wanted to curl up in a corner and die, but nevertheless I took off my clothes and got in the hot tub. This was not helped when I came home and told my husband about the incident, to which his remark was, “So, why won’t you go skinny dipping with me?” This all had a huge dose of guilt and shame attached to it!

I had long forgotten this incident, until we went on holiday to Laax in Switzerland at the end of February 2014. The hotel had a beautiful spa. It also had a mixed sauna and steam room, and these had a “no swimming costumes or clothes” rule.

Greg suggested that we went in there and I found I was actually quite OK with that. This surprised me as much as it surprised him. For the first time in my life, I was quite happy with my body and with being a naked woman in the presence of other naked men and women. I approached the whole exercise with a spirit of openness and curiosity, which had never happened to me before.

Over the last couple of years, it has been interesting to me to watch women in saunas and steam rooms, as we have been on European holidays. The women who are most comfortable with their bodies seem to be the Germans, Austrians and some Swiss. We have been in saunas in those places where women of all nationalities have hidden curled up in shame and done everything they can to hide under swimsuits and big towels.

Just recently in Zermatt, we were in the sauna and there was a family there. This consisted of a woman about my age, a man and a teenage girl. They were in the sauna as a family and were obviously all happy with their bodies. I felt so delighted for that young girl that she has such a positive body image at this early stage in her life!

I also found that as summer approached, I was more willing to go out in public in a short skirt or tight shorts. That was another thing that had never happened to me – ever! I became able to accept compliments, from both women and men. I have been able to create my own boundaries of what is or is not acceptable behaviour. I have learnt that my body is mine and I have every right to say no to unwelcome attention.

I have been able to release feelings of shame around me and my sexuality, along with feelings of not being good enough. This has allowed me to enjoy being a woman.

The pleasure from regular orgasms had shifted my view of myself from a place of self-loathing to one of self-acceptance and self-love. This was without me giving it any conscious thought or effort. It just happened.

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The Pleasure Path to Wealth

The MAD Woman Academy is pleased and proud to announce “The Pleasure Path to Wealth” Book and ebook.

The Pleasure Path to Wealth Book Cover

This is actually a completely revised and updated new version of my book that I released in 2015, called “Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity.” (This is still available on amazon).

I am a strong believer in the Power of our Sex Energy, particularly our Orgasm Energy (as women) to create and manifest. I have used it myself to create sales and business success, as well as to increase my Good Luck and win competition prizes.

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich 1937

I first heard about the power of sex energy when I read Napoleon Hill’s Book, “Think and Grow Rich“. This book was written in 1937 and has been credited with creating more millionaires than any other self-help book.

The chapter that fascinated me was The 10th Principle of Success – The Transmutation of Sex Energy, where Napoleon Hill describes the energy found in Sex, Love and Romance as the most powerful drivers in human success. He noted that every successful man (there were not many self-made women in the 1930s) had a huge sex drive, that was frequently fuelled by the love of a supportive woman. This was the bedrock for much of their material success.

This principle seems to be the least understood and certainly the least talked about in personal development circles. No-one really explains how to tap into this energy.

I became really fascinated with this idea in 2014, when I was listening to material on women tapping into their inherent female power for success.

My husband was keen to help with this “research project” and so my first book was born in 2015.

Bizarre Reaction

When it was published, I expected everyone to want to hear about it. To me, it was the missing piece in the Law of Attraction. Goal setting is not just a mental and visualisation process- it has to be experienced in the body. In my opinion, you need to feel the same level of intense desire and attraction for your goals as you would for the hottest, sexiest partner you could imagine. That is sex and orgasm energy and if yo can get that flowing in your body, you become almost magnetic to success.

The people in the circles I mixed in did not agree and no-one knew quite how to take this MAD Woman who was talking about sex, orgasm and pleasure in the same sentence as business and money!

So, I retreated back into my shell and put my wonderful project to one side. If business women did not see the value of this information, then there must be other uses for it.

Prize Wins

I still kept using the material myself and applied it to my hobby of competition (contest and sweepstake) entering and winning. Since 2014 I have won 2 holidays to Switzerland, a trip to Guernsey, a hot air balloon trip, a washing machine, shopping vouchers, cash, 3 x PS4, a SMART TV, tickets to the Rugby World Cup Game with full hospitality, a luxurious Log Cabin retreat and numerous other prizes, totally over £15,000.

It was actually a prize win that brought me back to this wonderful material and prompted me to revise my book and re-release it with a new title and new cover images.

Criticism of “not sexy enough”

One of the criticisms that had been leveled at me previously was that I personally did not look sexy enough or orgasmic enough (despite the orgasmic flushes on my face and chest) in the pictures.

Part of the reason for that was that I was trying to connect the sexiness with the business, so one thing or the other needed to be toned down.

I resolved that, at some point, I would get some proper sexy photos done.

Winner of Burlesque Photo Shoot

In October 2017, I saw an advert for a competition to win a Burlesque Makeover and Photoshoot with Andrew Wood Photography in Manchester.  I filled in the form, with the full expectation that I was going to win. I applied some Orgasm Energy to it and waited for the winning phone call, which duly came a few days later.

I saw that win as the perfect opportunity to get my photographs professionally done and to use them as the catalyst to re-launch my book. I got to work with editing the text and waited for the arrival of my photographs.

Here is the result and I am really proud of it!

The Pleasure Path to Wealth Front and Back Cover

I have changed over the years

Whether it is my age or my hormones, I don’t know, but I have found I have got less and less concerned by what people think and say about me. That’s their opinion and nothing to do with me. I have been called eccentric and told I don’t think like “normal” people, which is probably a good thing, because you wouldn’t be reading this now if I was sane, sensible and normal!

I feel very passionate about this message and I think it is something every woman should at least explore. It took a lot for me to get past the old patterns of shame, guilt and judgment (which were not mine anyway) and to get to the power of pleasure.

Using Orgasm Energy in my life has completely changed my view of myself and my body. I am quite happy to go skinny dipping or go naked in a sauna. I am happy to have a conversation about sex energy as a life-changing force and to use words like sex, pleasure and orgasm in relation to money and business.

My Orgasm Energy has helped me to heal the trauma of the removal of an Ovarian Tumour from 1988, as well as clear a lot of limiting beliefs about myself.

I put it down to being a MAD Woman – Magnificent, Awesome, Daring Woman- or maybe it is a hormonal 50-something who chooses to believe in the magic of pleasure.

I am now quite happy in my own skin and happy to keep using my Orgasm Energy to create magic in my life.

To your Pleasure!

To Order your copy, please head over to Amazon: The links below are for Amazon UK, however the products are available on all amazon sites – just search under my name Amanda Goldston or change the in your browser to the extension of your country.

Kindle Version  

Physical Book


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