The Pleasure Path to Wealth

My New Book! – The Pleasure Path to Wealth

I am truly delighted to announce my new book, which is currently available on amazon kindle as an ebook and also available as a physical book from Amazon.

It is a New and Updated Version of my book “Orgasm Your Way to Prosperity,” which came out in 2015.

The Pleasure Path to Wealth Book Cover

The Pleasure Path to Wealth Front and Back Cover

The Pleasure Path To Wealth Sample

Harness the Power of your Female, Sexual, Orgasm Energy to create massive success and prosperity in all areas of your life. Orgasm energy is your life force energy. It is the energy of creation and manifesting – and that is not just for babies!

When, as a woman, you experience orgasm energy in your body, you are lit up from the inside out. You can become more confident and more magnetic to people, success and opportunities.

  • You can harness the power of your Orgasm Energy  for Enhanced Intuition, Creativity and Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Improve your GOOD LUCK – I used this energy to win over £8500 of prizes in 2017
  • When you put YOU and YOUR PLEASURE as NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, then everything flows.
  • Orgasm and Pleasure really does equal Prosperity Beyond Measure!

To Order your copy, please head over to Amazon: The links below are for Amazon UK, however the products are available on all amazon sites – just search under my name Amanda Goldston or change the in your browser to the extension of your country.

Kindle Version  

Physical Book


Amanda Goldston has written an engaging, easy to read book that has something for all women.  She has certainly opened my eyes to the energetic benefits of orgasms, and I since reading her book, I find I have a far more playful attitude to including orgasmic energy in my life.  Sue M  Coventry.


In this book Amanda shares how she harnessed her feminine energies to spiral her personal success and prosperity upwards – and how you can do the same.  You may need an open mind to explore her ‘orgasmic’ instruction but as you read the book you will sense her ‘wicked’ sense of humour and almost hear her ‘raucous cackle’.  If you are new to energy this book will help you understand the main energy centres of the body and how they correspond to colour and your personal power. Amanda’s messages are simple – value yourself more, let go of guilt, be more open to receive and say yes to things you truly desire.   Everything is the energy of pleasure – treat yourself like the Queen that you are!

Liz Keaney ~ Speaker and Author ‘Warrior Women – How to be Magnificent through the Courage of Self Kindness’.