Tank PaintBalling – Different Way to Spend a Sunday!

Tank Paintballing

Before Christmas, Greg came home and told me he had won a prize in his company’s quarterly draw – Tank Paintballing for 3 people!

I did not know quite what make of this and I was not sure I wanted to go.

Initially we tried to change it to something else but we could not find anything that all 4 of us wanted to do or could do for the value of the experience, without putting any extra money to it.

So we decided we would stick with the tank paintballing and on Sunday 20th May 2012, Greg, Jacqueline and I went to leant how to drive a tank and to fire paintballs at another tank.

We had a brilliant day at Armourgeddon in Leicestershire.

Due to the huge amount of rain we have had over the last few weeks, the field was a mud quagmire, with some very deep holes in the mud track.

We each had the opportunity to drive the tank around the course.

Jacqueline went first and she was surprisingly good – given that she is not yet old enough to drive. I suppose there are not many teenagers who can boast that their first driving lesson was in a 17 tonne tank!

For part of the course, the driver could see out of the top and for part of the course, the hatch was closed, so the driver was attempting to drive whilst only being able to partially see out of the little periscope window – in other words we were driving pretty much blind!

I managed to break the tank! Yes, it had to be me!

After my turn as driver, I stopped as instructed and scrambled out of the driver position to make room for Greg. He got into place and the tank would not start. No matter what he did to it, nothing happened, so we had to abandon tank and go in a different one. Greg’s lap around the course was definitely the fastest – and probably the bumpiest (that is most, aggressive male driver!)

After this, we had the target practice. We each had a go at manoeuvring and aiming the gun, loading the breech with the paintballs and firing at the target. We hit a couple of the targets and also managed to miss the rather large tank that we were aiming at!

We were then given our battle plan for fighting the other team. Jacqueline wanted to be the driver and she did really well with manoeuvring the tank along the course and did a pretty good job of reversing it back into place at the end. Greg was aiming the gun and I was charging it, loading the paintballs and pressing the FIRE button. We managed 6 hits out of 12 on the other tank. The other team won as they had a whopping 10 hits out of 12.

At least I fitted into the first pair of trousers they gave me, which I was really pleased about. I did not have to ask for a bigger size.

I am so glad I went. It was a completely brand new experience for me. If we had simply won the vouchers for an experience day, I probably would have picked something more sedate like afternoon tea or a chocolate making workshop. Having ended up with Tank Paintballing, it was a real fun day out.

Have a great day.
Amanda Goldston

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