Review of Lekto Wood Fuels Birch Sawdust Briquettes

As a walker, I love to come home and snuggle up in front of a warm fire.

So, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review the Briquettes from Lekto Wood Fuels. We have a 5kg multi-fuel stove, which is DEFRA approved for smokeless zones.

lekto wood fuels birch briquettes

We have only previously burnt kiln dried ash or birch and have needed newspaper alongside the firelighters to get the fire going. We have then added coal to get extra heat. With the LektoWood Fuel products, we did not need to do any of that.

Firelighters and Briquettes

We received a box of natural firelighters and 2 x 10 kg packs, each containing 5 x 2kg birch sawdust briquettes. I could not wait for it to get cold enough to start lighting the woodburner.

lekto briquettes firelighters

I have been very impressed with these products.

The briquettes are made of compacted sawdust, so they are layered together, which makes them very easy to break or cut. They are made from sawdust, as a natural by-product of the sawmill industry, with no added chemicals or additives. They are a dense, solid product, with each of the briquettes being of a consistent weight and size. This makes them very easy to store.

inside the lekto briquettes

Inside the Birch Briquettes

This means I can bring one or two in from the shed as needed, without getting covered in bits of wood and dust!

They have a low humidity, which means they are not spitting or releasing moisture as they burn. This means that it is very unlikely that there will be any damage to the chimney flue.

We lit the fire with just one natural firelighter and a few pieces of dry kindling. This is much better than the barbeque-style firelighters we have used previously.

lekto fire starting

The firelighters are made from wood shavings, so they are a completely natural product that is free from any chemical substances. The wood wool is produced from wood sourced by the thinning of sustainable forests. The firelighter lit easily and stayed alight.

We put two of the briquettes on top to get the fire going and it was soon blazing. The temperature of the fire began to rise quite rapidly and the briquettes started to expand.

lekto fire getting going

Expansion of Briquettes

I was not expecting the briquettes to expand as much as they did. We have quite a wide woodburner and put the briquettes in the middle, with a good 2 inches/ 5cm either side of them. They quickly expanded to fill the whole stove, from firebrick to firebrick.

They expanded by a good 50% of their original size.

lekto briquettes expanding

Briquettes expnding to over 50% of their original size

expanded lekto firebrick

Expanded Firebrick to Firebrick

I would strongly recommend breaking or cutting them into smaller pieces. We will be doing that with the next fire and building up a little pyramid shape in the middle of the stove. Anyone with a narrow woodburner will definitely need to cut the briquettes into smaller pieces.

Heat and Burning

The briquettes burn very hot and soon give off a tremendous amount of heat. We lit the fire at 12.45 pm and the first two briquettes lasted until nearly 4 pm. The embers were still giving off a tremendous amount of heat. We burnt another three up to 11 pm, so 5 briquettes (10 kg) in 11 hours. By this time, we were sweltering and jumpers had been discarded!

lekto briquettes burning

Birch Sawdust Briquettes burning well

This is less than the amount of firewood we would have usually burnt and we did not add any coal.

The room was still warm the following morning.

The briquettes gave off a gorgeous aroma as they burnt and filled the whole house with the fragrance of a homely fire.

lekto fire warm glow

The warm glow of the Lekto Birch Briquettes

They gave off a bright glow and the flames seemed to be lighter and cleaner than previously with the firewood. They burnt evenly. They burnt away to nothing there was much less ash than there normally would be from firewood and coal.

ash left after lekto briquettes

The little bit of ash that was left

I really like these products and would happily continue to use them.

The products were supplied to me free of charge by Lekto Wood Fuels for review.

For more information on the products please go to:

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