Review of Independent Guide to New York City 2016

I was recently asked to review the Independent Guide to New York City 2016 and I was very impressed. This was very timely as my daughter had just returned from a trip to New York, so I had some helpful input from her.

Independent Guide Book to New York City

Independent Guide Book to New York City Front Cover

The Guide book is well-laid out and is easy to read and to use. It has some useful information to be aware of, prior to travelling, such as VISAs and ESTA requirements for the USA and things you don’t always think of, including best types of money to take. It is also extremely useful to have in your bag whilst in New York.

Independent Guide Book to New York City

Independent Guide Book to New York City 2016 Back Cover

The Guide has clearly been written by people who have explored every inch of New York City themselves and who have eaten in the restaurants and stayed in the hotels that are mentioned. It is written in plain English and is helpful for both new visitors and seasoned travellers.

The book is divided up into helpful information, the Top 10 Can’t-Miss Spots and then into each district of New York, as well as information on Shopping, Nightlife, Seasonal Events and maps for each district.

The sections on each have some fascinating history about that area, as well as the top things to see and do, including how to get there, opening times, admission costs and anything else to be aware of. It includes a few warning tips on things to avoid.

Using the book felt like having a knowledgeable local guide at my side to show me both the regular tourist spots and also places that would be frequented by New Yorkers themselves.

It offers suggestions for different types of accommodation, ranging from basic budget hostels to luxurious high end hotels. There is a short description about each property and what makes it unique, as well as approximate costs and what is and isn’t included.

The Guide book makes suggestions for different types of cuisine and corresponding prices. There are four to six hotels suggested and the same number of cafes and restaurants in each area, which is enough to give you a good idea of what is there, without overwhelming you with pages of hotel and restaurant listings.

I had not realized there is so much diversity of food to sample in every district of New York. Every district has its food speciality, although certain foods, such as hot dogs and bagels can be found right across the City.

The sections make it easy to organize your trip and to plan your day, so that you can maximize your time and experience everything you want to do. There really is something for everyone, regardless of ages or interests.

The Guide book includes numerous black and white photographs, which give a great feel for the places and attractions. They are also helpful to show you what a café or hotel looks like, so you know what you are looking for.

It is one of the most user-friendly guide books I have used and I shall be using others in the series on my next travels.

One of the unique features of the Independent Guidebooks series is that the books are updated throughout the year and printed on demand, so when you buy the book you will have the latest published version. This means that unlike big publishing houses that print thousands at a time and write up to 18 months in advance, these Guide Books have all the latest developments when you buy.

The book is available as both a printed book and a digital version and is available from Amazon.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Happy travelling to the Big Apple or the City that Never Sleeps!

Amanda Goldston


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