Review of Independent Guide to London 2016

London by a Londoner

This is a very useful guide.  I would highly recommend it to anyone to use whilst planning a trip, as well as to carry with you whilst actually in London.

Independent Guide to London Front Cover

This guide is clearly written by someone who knows every inch of London like the back of his hand. His passion for the city shows through in every word.

Independent Guide to London Back Cover

Travel and Transport

There is lot of detailed information on travelling to and around London. This includes clear information on the cost of various methods of transport, which is great for budgeting.  There are some great tips in this section, including ways of paying for your transport in London, especially as London Buses no longer take cash as payment for travel. I had never thought about using River Transport to get from one place to another and I did not know about the popularity of cycle hire to see London.

I would suggest reading this section in detail before you travel to London because it will save you a lot of money and clearly explain exactly how to get about – at any time of day!

Top 10 Attractions

The guidebook is laid out with the Top 10 attractions and then there are several more detailed sections. These include the major attractions, how to get to them, opening times and cost of entry. The author points out possible limitations, such as unsuitability for children or access restrictions due to the age of the building.

Where to Eat

In each section there are 3 – 5 suggested eating establishments, which cover a range of culinary styles as well as catering to different budgets. The author has clearly eaten in every one of these places and makes recommendations for his personal favourites, as well as offering alternatives. He gives a guide to the price of the food as well as dress code where relevant.

There is also an excellent section on Fine Dining across the city, with indications of the very best restaurants, their current chefs and their Michelin Star Rating.

A must read section is the one on Afternoon Tea, as no visit to London would be complete without sampling that most English of Traditions.

Areas of London

In each of the Area sections, the author offers a selection of personal recommendations for accommodation and expected costs. This is much better than having a thick book full of listings and not knowing which one to pick.

I have visited London on numerous occasions in the past and thought I had seen most of the major attractions however the author has managed to surprise me with this guide. He talks about several very interesting, yet little known places to visit, which are often cheaper than the major attractions – and sometimes even free. There is at least one thing in each of the sections that I did not know existed and would include in another trip.

Saving Money in London

There is a very helpful section on saving money on your trip to London. The Capital City can be expensive, however you can reduce those costs in a number of ways, including smarter ways to pay for your travel and grouping together tickets for your attractions, especially if they are operated by the same company. You can save a lot of money by being organised and buying your tickets in advance online.

I had a printed copy of the book and the only criticism I would have is that the website links that are printed in the book are quite faint, so they are not easy to read.

I enjoyed this Independent Guide to London 2016 and I shall definitely be using it for planning my next trip to London.

Independent Guide Books

One of the unique features of the Independent Guidebooks series is that the books are updated throughout the year and printed on demand, so when you buy the book you will have the latest published version. This means that unlike big publishing houses that print thousands at a time and write up to 18 months in advance, these Guide Books have all the latest developments when you buy.

The book is available as both a printed book and a digital version and is available from Amazon.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Have fun in London.

Amanda Goldston



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