Review of Bark Briquettes from Lekto Woodfuels

I recently had the opportunity to review the Bark Briquettes from Lekto Wood Fuels and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

We had previously reviewed the Lekto WoodFuels Hardwood Heat Logs and were really delighted with those. (Here is my review)

The Bark Briquettes offer a different experience and for us, took a bit of experimenting to get to grips with them.

The bark briquettes are solid and do not expand as the hardwood heat logs do.

Solid Lekto Fuels Bark Briquettes

Solid Lekto Fuels Bark Briquettes

To get the best out of the briquettes, we needed to get a really hot base of embers first before putting the briquettes on that. We used a mixture of wood kindling, some coal, the Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs and ordinary kiln dried logs.

With our initial attempts, we put the Bark Briquettes on before we had the hot ember base and the fire lost heat and smoked rather unceremoniously.

Bark Briquettes with more ember base needed

Bark Briquettes with more ember base needed to get them started

Once the embers we really hot, we put on the bark briquettes. We tried with just one to start off, however we found that we got the best results from placing two bark briquettes onto the embers, with a bit of space between them.

Enough Glowing Embers for the Bark Briquettes

Enough Glowing Embers for the Bark Briquettes

Once the briquettes caught alight, they then burned steadily and continuously. Two briquettes lasted us a good couple of hours.

Burning one Lekto Fuesl Bark Briquette

Burning one Lekto Fuels Bark Briquette

We were also experimenting with the air flow. When we put the briquettes on the fire before it was really hot, we then had to open the air flow fully to get the fire going fully. When the embers were much hotter, we could shut the air flow at the bottom of the stove down completely.

Whilst we were in the room, we tended to have the top air flow fairly wide open because that gave out both a lot of heat and the nice warm, glow of the fire.

Bark Briquettes from Lekto Woodfuels in full glow

Bark Briquettes from Lekto Woodfuels in full glow

The bark briquettes give off a gorgeous aroma and filled the room full of the sweet scent of a woodland forest. It was lovely.

The bark briquettes are designed for a long, slow burn. We got the best results from them when we left the fire in overnight. This is not something we usually do. We closed everything right down at about 11pm. At 6am the following morning, the fire was still hot. The bark briquettes had burned down, but the fire was still hot and the room was toasty warm.

Bark Briquettes from Lekto WoodFuels the morning after

Bark Briquettes from Lekto WoodFuels the morning after

The briquettes were actually still alight, so we could build the fire back up without having to restart it. This was on a particularly cold, wet day, so I was very glad to have the fire going from first thing in the morning.

We found that the bark briquettes created quite a lot of residual ash, but that might have been due to the way we were burning them.

We experimented with the air flow, as well as with burning the briquettes on their own and in combination with other fuels we were burning, so there were probably times when we had much more air flow than we needed to, causing the briquettes to burn faster and less efficiently than they are designed to do.

We found the bark briquettes worked best when we used other fuels to get the embers really hot and then added the bark briquettes for the long, slow, steady burn. Once they were really going, we did not need to use any other fuels.

With the Hardwood Heat Logs that had been a different experience as we were able to use those straight from the beginning of putting the match to the firelighter. They lit quickly, expanded and burnt quickly, giving off a lot of heat as they did so.

That approach did not work with bark briquettes. They are not really designed to be the first fuel that goes on top of the firelighters.

We have been really delighted with both products. Now that I know how to get the best results out of the Bark Briquettes, I would certainly use them again.


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