Pavements and Canal Paths on Week Two of Walk 1000 Miles Challenge

Monday 9th January 2017 – Sunday 15th January 2017

My walks this week were mostly around Tamworth town centre, starting from my front door. I have only once driven to a location for a walk this week and that was on Saturday when I went to Calke Abbey in Derbyshire on Saturday.

Monday Evening Town Stroll

On Monday it was raining heavily during the day, so Greg and I went for a little evening stroll around Tamworth. We have found a circular route of just over two miles, which takes us through the park, around by the Castle and back through the town centre.

Greg has also done a couple of walks at lunch time around the industrial estate where he works. These are about 1.5 miles, but they all add up.

Tuesday – Alvecote Priory Canal Walk

On Tuesday, I walked from Tamworth town centre along the canal to Alvecote Priory, located on the edge of Pooley Country Park in Warwickshire. This is 3 miles in each direction and I usually stop at the ruins of Alvecote Priory for a drink and a rest. I have walked this stretch of the canal many times and there is always something interesting to see.

Coventry Canal near Amington, #tamworth

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Today it was obviously the start of mating season for the duck population, as the male ducks were aggressively fighting over the females.

It’s Mating Season! Ducks fighting on the Coventry Canal. #tamworth #matingseason #fightingducks #quackers

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Alvecote Priory is a peaceful place, even though its origins are steeped in myth and murder!

Ruins of Alvecote Priory, Alvecote, Warwickshire on my #walk1000miles2017 #walk1000miles #tamworth #pooleycountrypark

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On the way back, I was quite captivated by the shape, colours and textures of the brickwork on the old canal bridges and spent a good 30 minutes photographing the minute details of them. My awareness of beauty around me, both in nature and architecture, has increased enormously since I started to walk on a regular basis, as part of my #walk1000miles challenge.

Wednesday – Tamworth to Hopwas

On Wednesday I walked to the Ventura Shopping Park on the outskirts of town and then picked up the lane which takes me towards Hopwas. This then joins the canal and comes back towards Tamworth.

It was incredibly windy and it was as much as I could do to stay upright. It was a day where I wished had taken my walking pole, as this would have given me some stability against the wind. I came back round via the Retail Park and then back through town. This ended up being nearly 7 miles, which was a lot further than I had intended to walk.

My left foot was really hurting in the metatarsal area, so I decided I would rest it completely the following day and not walk at all. I was told by my doctors to ease myself gently into my walking in January and not push it too much, so reluctantly, I had to agree that was probably sound advice.

Friday – Tamworth Town Centre

My next walk was on Friday morning. I opened the curtains to see a small dusting of snow on the car and in the garden, so I decided to walk later in the day.

Waking up to #snow in #tamworth this morning. It was already melting by 9am and had all gone by lunchtime, which was a shame

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I had some errands to do and so went out at about lunchtime. By this time, the sun had come out, the paths had dried up and there was brilliant sunshine. So much for the Snowmageddon that was forecast!

I walked towards the retail park and around in a loop that came back through the town centre. This was another 3 miles of pavement pounding, but it has all added to the miles.

Saturday – Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

On Saturday I went to Calke Abbey in Derbyshire, which is another one of my favourite walking places. On the way there it was raining and sleeting and I was seriously debating whether or not I would actually bother with a walk. I had a meeting that finished around lunchtime and, although it was still raining, I decided to put on my walking boots and waterproof coat and go for a walk.

I am so glad that I did because the sun came out, the paths started to dry up and I had a beautiful walk through the parkland.

The parklands of Calke Abbey contain ancient woodlands and some wonderful specimens of really old trees, including The Old Man of Calke, which is thought to be over 1200 years old.

The trees are fascinating because they die from the inside out, so you can see this huge hollow shell on the inside and just bark on the outside, but the tree is still healthy. You see a lot of dead wood around the trees and this is deliberately left like this, as it makes for a wonderful habitat for wildlife.

I really love this old oak tree, where the branches come right down to the ground and have then grown back up. This is a great adventure playground!

When I got home, I had to walk to the shops and saw a most beautiful sunset.

#sunset over #tamworth with some #beautiful cloud formations

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Sunday was a day of good intentions. It was drizzling with rain all day and I kept looking out to see if it was going to clear up, but it didn’t, so I stayed indoors today. I am not a big fan of going out in rain. Getting caught in rain whilst out on a walk is one thing, deliberately setting out in wetting drizzle is another thing.

I finished the week on 22.7 miles and Greg walked 7.6 miles.


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