Outdoor Theatre – in a Hurricane!

Outdoor Theatre – in a Hurricane!

It could only be in Britain!

Yesterday we went to an outdoor theatre performance of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys by Heartbreak Productions at Wightwick Manor near Wolverhampton. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as they had put a very modern twist on an old story.

With these outdoor performances, it is quite traditional to take a large picnic to munch on for a couple of hours. This, we dutifully did and had a huge picnic box full of sandwiches, fruit, chocolates, crisps, biscuits and cakes. Yes, the unhealthy food content probably outweighed the healthy content by at least 3 to 1!!

Sunshine before the storm with Jackie and Chris

Steph and Greg

Due to the unpredictable nature of British SUMMER, it is important to go fully equipped for blazing heat and sunshine, so sunhats, suncream and layers of jumpers that can be taken OFF – and equally important to go fully equipped for torrential rain and howling gales, so waterproofs, umbrellas and wellington boots!

As Britain was at the tail end of a mini hurricane, called Bertha, the latter were actually more appropriate!

It was quite warm when we sat down and we did manage to eat most of our picnic before the huge grey clouds appeared overhead and it started to rain – well actually it was more like a flood descending out of the sky.

In true British fashion, everyone zipped up their waterproof coats, put up their umbrellas and sat underneath their rain protection wear, happily munching on the rest of their sandwiches and drinking their hot tea from their thermos flasks.

Brollies at the ready!

In about 15 minutes, it passed. The sun came out, the sky was blue, the clouds were light and fluffy and there was not a sign of rain.

Rain clearing up – and rainbow!

The performance stopped during the heaviest rain and as soon as the rain stopped, down went the umbrellas and off we went again, until about half way through Act 2, when another huge grey cloud appeared and more rain descended on the crowd. Up went the umbrellas again!

Greg and Steph under the tree in the pouring rain!

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, although I did get a bit cold and wet.

You have to have a sense of humour to live in Britain in the Summertime!

With abundant blessings.

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