Lount Nature Reserve – Hidden Gem in Leicestershire

We found this lovely gem tucked away  in the Leicestershire countryside, near to Calke Abbey. It is a 19.5 hectare site, consisting of pools, woodlands and grassland. It is situated on the site of the former Lount Colliery, which was the shortest-lived colliery in the area, only operating from 1924-1968.

There is a circular route around the Nature Reserve, which is well signposted. This encompasses the four wetland pools. We spent a good couple of hours wandering around and I am sure we only saw a small fraction of the Nature Reserve. There is a huge variety of wildlife and plants here.

Lount Nature Reserve Leicestershire © 2016 Gregory Goldston

Lount Nature Reserve Leicestershire


Amanda Goldston at Lount Nature Reserve, Leicestershire

Amanda at Lount Nature Reserve

It is quiet, with few people, which was bliss!

I had another of my photography lessons and Greg said I did very well.

Greg Goldston by one of the pools at Lount Nature Reserve, Leicestershire

Greg by one of the pools at Lount Nature Reserve

One of the pools at Lount Nature Reserve, Leicestershire, ©2016 Amanda Goldston

One of the pools at Lount Nature Reserve

We came to walk on a wet Friday afternoon, so the biggest challenge was the glorious mud! This is definitely a place to visit in drier weather, when the paths are drier.

There are no tea rooms on site or close by so it is worth taking a flask of tea, especially if you are going to spend any period of time here.

Great walk.

Amanda and Greg



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