Learn to Ski in a Day at Tamworth Snowdome

I love snow and would happily spend all my days up a mountain.

I learnt to ski as a child and enjoyed several lovely holidays with family in Livigno in Northern Italy.

Family Skiing in the 1970s

Family Skiing in the 1970s


Amanda as a child skiing

Amanda as a child skiing

For some reason I stopped skiing.

I have regretted it on a couple of occasions in recent years, particularly when we went to LAAX, Switzerland, and I wanted to go up to the Vorab Glacier and couldn’t do it because you could only go on the lift if you had skis. We had a similar situation in Maria Alm, Austria, when I wanted to go up to the highest viewpoint and again, the lifts were only for skiers or snowboarders.

I decided it was high time I brushed up on my skiing skills, in anticipation of the next snowy holiday.

I booked us (me and Greg) onto a Learn to Ski in a Day course at Tamworth Snowdome and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The course ran from 10am until 5pm and included all tuition, ski and boot hire, lunch and an afternoon tea or coffee. There were 6 of us in the group, all with a strong motivation to learn and all at beginner level.

Ian, our instructor, was brilliant.

The aim of the day was to get us to “Recreational Standard” which meant we could ski down from the top of the slope without assistance, we could use the lifts, we were comfortable with the snowplough position and could turn from side to side with it, as well as control our speed and stop. This was actually quite a lot to do in a day.

Ian took us through it all, step-by-step.

By the end of the day, my confidence had come back and I started to remember what I learnt as a child on the slopes of Italy.

This was my last run of the day and I was very impressed with myself and the progress I made in a very short space of time.

Despite aching all over and using muscles I had not used in a very long time, I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I just now need to practise and increase my skill level and confidence.

Thank you Ian and Snowdome Tamworth for a brilliant day and an excellent course.



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