Inspiration from the Valley of the Rocks

This photo comes from the Inspiration Cards by Gregory Goldston and is called INSPIRATION


The Valley of The Rocks, near Lynton on the North Devon Coast in the South West of England, UK. This is looking down over the valley from the top of Hollerday Hill. This is a glacial valley that was formed during the Ice Age. It is one of the furthest southerly places in the UK that was covered in ice. The ice filled the whole valley and dropped straight into the sea at the far end of the valley.

The top of this near, near the point where this photograph was taken was also home to people during the Iron Age.

I grew up in this area and used to love to walk here as a child. You can walk along both sides of the Valley, on the cliff tops on the left and in the Valley itself. There is a coast path that runs along the right hand side with a sheer drop down to Bristol Channel below.

This area is steeped in myth and legend and played a part in R.D. Blackmore’s famous story of “Lorna Doone.”

Card Meaning

You are having new ideas and are feeling very inspired to take on new projects. Maybe an old dream has come back to the surface. Inspiration is all around you and this is a great time to take action and follow through. Let the clouds part and creative ideas and inspiration flow to you.

Inspiration is all around, if you take the time to notice it.

You are receiving a lot of inspired ideas at the moment. These may be old dreams that are re-surfacing for some attention. Or perhaps an amazing ideas as to how you can create something wonderful in your life.

Ideas can be very simple or very complex and it is important not to dismiss any creative ideas that come to you. Positive Inspiration is often accompanied by a warm feeling of joy and excitement.

Take a few moments to be quiet and listen for the quiet whisperings of your heart.

Once you have some inspired ideas, it is important to take action on them as soon as you can.

Have an awesome day.


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