I Love my Berghaus EXTREM Gore-Tex XCR weatherproof Jacket!

I Love my Berghaus Jacket!

My husband, Greg first bought his Berghaus EXTREM Gore-Tex XCR weatherproof jacket a few years ago, when he started taking stunning landscape photographs outside, in all weathers.

At some point I acquired this jacket and I am so glad I did!

It is the best jacket I have ever had and it keeps me both warm and dry when it is cold and wet and cool, when it is warm.

It has accompanied me on a fair few dog walks in the UK, as well as keeping me very dry in torrential downpours, when I have been outside measuring a porch or fascias and guttering, as part of my job as a sales representative for Anglian Home Improvements, in the “wonderful British weather!”

Recently, it has been put to the test in the February snow in Switzerland and in the July fog in the same area!

In February we went to Laax in Switzerland and went up to Grauberg at 2228m, to the café at the bottom of Vorab Glacier at 2670m And to one of my all time favourite spots – the Fil de Cassons at 2675m above sea level.

I loved it up there, the air was so clear and clean and fresh. I felt completely alive and at one with the world. As we were walking the snow and not skiing or snowboarding, we were rather limited as to what we could do at that time, in terms of exploration.

Not so when we returned in July.

We went up from Nargens and I just had my T-shirt and trousers. When we got to the top with the chilly wind, I was very glad to wrap myself in in warm, snug Berhaus coat and I felt warm in an instant.

This time we walked along the ridge from Cassons, around to Martinsloch and around into the glacier valley, looking up at the UNESCO site of the Tschingelhorner at 2846m.

My Berghaus coat was an invaluable asset, as it kept me warm and dry as we slipped and slid across the so-called path (that had slipped away) down over the side of the mountain ridge. I fell over a few times and I had a soft landing each time on my thick, protective jacket. It caught on the stones and loose shale a few times and never once ripped.

It is also a very comfortable jacket to wear when carrying a backpack, as it sits snug and comfortable around my body.

The following day my Berghaus jacket had to cope with both rain and sunshine, as we walked along the Rhine Gorge through the woods, and some rather thick brambles (when we managed to stray off the well-worn and well-signposted paths!) from Versam to Verlandes. This was a much warmer day and I really appreciated the deep pockets on my Berghaus jacket for my map and my water bottle.

The third day was a bit of a wash-out, with a lot of cold, damp fog – not unlike Britain in the Summer- so I was very glad of my warm jacket when we took the chair lift up to Foppa. We could not see anything, so a large Pflaumentorte (Plum Cake) and Coffee was the order of the day.

Later that day, we took the cable car to Crap Sogn Gion at 2228m above sea level and walked up to Crap Mesegn at 2477m. We walked up above the clouds. It was the most surreal experience as sometimes we could see Crap Sogn Gion below and sometimes we couldn’t. Sometimes we could see Crap Mesegn ahead and sometimes we couldn’t. Sometimes the mountain face of the Vorab Glacier appeared and sometimes it was shrouded in the clouds, fog and mist.

As we got nearer to the top – in July- the wind picked up and it was hailing and snowing! Yes! In July! I could feel the wind and snow against my face, as that was exposed, yet my body was warm and snug in my Berghaus jacket. I was determined to reach the top, even with the steep 100m climb at the end. I was so glad of my Berghaus jacket.

I have to say, in terms of outdoor wear, it has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I am so glad I acquired it from my husband. He is not having it back! He can buy something else for himself!

When we got back to the hotel and hung the coats up to dry, I was surprised at how quickly my Berghaus jacket dried out, even hanging outside on the balcony, in the damp, low mist and fog.

And, of course, we have to use my trust Berghaus jacket for keeping out the torrential downpour of rain, as we wandered around the ancient town of Ilanz, the first town on the Rhine Gorge.

An excellent buy and it has lasted incredibly well for its first 15 years of life. I am looking forward to the next 15 years of adventure walking with my Berghaus jacket.

With abundant blessings.

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