How to put Suncream on my back – as a lone female?

My Biggest Challenge – Suncream on my back!

I went to Fuerteventura on my own and I really loved it.

I just has one challenge and I would really appreciate any advice on how to solve this dilemma.

I wanted to put sun protection cream on my back. I am blonde and have sensitive skin, so I burn easily, which I found to my cost on the day I went to Morro Jable.

There is a part of my back – right in the middle- that I could not reach, either from my arms over my shoulders, or around my ribs or up my back.

I could have done with a loufe brush on a stick, but I did not have one.

In the end I put suncream on the inside of my T-shirt I was going to wear that day and tried to wriggle around inside it, to see if that would spread the cream out a bit. It was a very messy process as the cream was sticky. It was very uncomfortable as I was essentially putting on wet clothes.

The suncream soon dried on my clothes, but it was not very effective on my back. It did not reach the parts I needed it to reach.

So, I was sat on the beach, clutching my bottle of Factor 50 suncream, wondering who I could ask to put it on my back for me – without causing major offence or without giving the wrong message. There were plenty of couples, but they were very engrossed in themselves, so my request might well have caused some serious issues.

Behind one of the little rock circles were two muscular, toned young men, with dark tans that suggested they spent a large part of their lives in the water or on a beach. They were conversing with each other in a language that was not English and my Spanish was very rusty. I ummed and ahhed and debated about whether or not I should ask them and, if I did, what the reaction might be.

In the end, I chickened out and did not ask them or anyone else. I went in the sea and sat in the water so that I was completely immersed, and my tender back was under the water and not exposed to the sun.

Thinking back, they probably would not have minded, as I am sure people in hot climates would prefer that another person is safe and not likely to burn.

So, I have got into my 50s and have a panic attack about asking two young men (or any other person) to put some suncream on my back, in the middle of a public beach, where there are dozens of people around!

Any suggestions on solving this dilemma would be greatly appreciated!

I really enjoyed my break in the Autumn sunshine of Fuerteventura.

I would love to stay in El Cotillo for a further visit. Likewise, I would like to explore the South and West, as much of this area is in its wild and natural state, with unmade tracks that can only be accessed with a 4 wheel drive vehicle and an experienced driver at the wheel.

Fabulous Fun in Fuerteventura.

Amanda Goldston

©2017 Amanda Goldston

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