History and Heritage Walk

History and Heritage Walk

Yesterday, Sunday 17th August, we went for a walk starting at the Old Furnaces at Moira, Leicestershire, and walked along the canal, past Conkers, and through the wood of the National Forest.

I would have to disagree with Endomondo that we ran round the canals and the woods! It really was more of a gentle amble!

This is a fascinating area because it was once a thriving coal mining area. All of those old mines are now long gone and the area has been turned into a lovely nature reserve area.

I hadn’t taken my coat, as I thought it was going to be brilliant sunshine, which is mostly was, apart from when I attempted to bend down to tie up my boot laces and it started to rain!

Yes, it rained right down my back and I ended up with a soaking wet bottom!

There was a folk festival going on at the Moira Furnaces, so we enjoyed some free music.
Some of it was very good and some of the songs were really quite depressing!

Moira was formerly furnaces for coke and iron ore, as well as line kilns.

Some of this is still in existence.

Greg took some interesting pictures today, with a mixture of sunshine and rain showers, as per typical British summer.

For comparison, I have included some dramatic infrared images that Greg took a couple of years ago, when we visited the Moira furnaces one evening, when there was no-one around.

Of course, no Sunday afternoon walk is complete without a good nosh-up! As there was a festival going on, there was a plentiful supply of gorgeous food, including pancakes and ice-cream! Yes, we did enjoy, as it would have been rude not to!

With abundant blessings.

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