High Light Haw Walk, Lake District

Greg went out early to take some photographs and when he came back, just after 9am, he wanted to stay indoors and process his photographs, so I went for a walk on my own.

Andrew, our host at Nibthwaite Grange Studio, recommended that I try a walk that started at the front door of The Studio and went up onto the Common behind. I went up Bletherbarrow Lane, until I came to a place where the path went into the woods.

I followed quite a wide track until I came out on the top near High Bethecar Farm. I left the main track and followed one of the very few waymarker signs I had seen that day. I made my way through the heather, with the path getting fainter and fainter. I was dropping down towards a narrow stream and I could see the rocks rising on the other side.

At this point, I was not entirely sure where I was. I had my Ipad in my rucksack, with my detailed Ordnance Survey maps on it, however I did not want to get it out and run the risk of dropping it in the stream.

I figured if I could get to the top of the rocky outcrop, I would be at a high point and I would be able to see the surrounding landscape, so I could get my bearings.

On the top, there was a little pile of rocks and views that stretched for miles in every direction. I got out my OS (Ordnance Survey) Map on my Ipad to see where the GPS marker put me. It was not quite where I thought it was, although it was probably better.

I was at a point called Hight Light Haw, which is 263 metres (863 feet) above sea level and one of the highest points on this side of Coniston Water. It is the 1101st tallest peak in England.

High Light Haw, near Nibthwaite, ©2016 Amanda Goldston

High Light Haw, near Nibthwaite, ©2016 Amanda Goldston

The landscape was a large bowl shape with this point just rising above the others.

I could see Coniston Water below and towering behind it was the Old Man of Coniston. In the distance were snow-capped peaks of the Central Lakes.

I had originally planned a circular route back, however I was struggling to see where I would pick up the path to where I wanted to go.

I was mindful of the Greg’s warnings about severe weather heading our way at about lunchtime and conscious of the time, so I decided to opt for the safe route and retrace my steps, back the way I had come. I could clearly see most of that path from where I was standing.

On the way up, I had left my walking somewhere, so I was hoping to find it on the way back. Despite not seeing another person on my walk, I did not find my walking pole. Let’s hope it gives someone else as much walking pleasure as it has given to me.


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