Glastonbury Tor

This morning I walked up Glastonbury Tor. I had done some research and I had found some information on the tiered steps around the Tor. This apparently was part of an ancient labyrinth, which consisted of between five and seven circles, which formed a gradual upwards journey. The ritualistic walk was supposed to take between four and six hours to complete, however I don’t think I found the actual starting point. It was not clearly marked and I don’t think the owners are too keen on people straying off the well marked paths.

Glastonbury Tor is very ancient. It sits on some very powerful leylines and has long been associated with the energies of the Goddess and the Earth.

As I wandered up the slope, I decided to make this a little mini pilgrimage of my own and release old, no-longer-serving beliefs about myself and money and to allow myself to fully embrace the female energies of abundance.

I sat for ages on the top looking out over the valley in all directions. In the distance, I could see where they were setting everything up for Glastonbury Music Festival, which is this weekend. There was a real sense of peace and calm up there – although the flies started to get on my nerves after a while.

I wandered down the path on the other side of the Tor and round in a loop to come back to the Chalice Well and Gardens at the bottom of the path.

The spring waters here are said to have great healing properties, especially those from the Chalice Well itself.

I sat in the gardens for quite a while. Normally these are incredibly quiet and peaceful, however, today, there was a lot of noise from Festival Partygoers who had located themselves by the Spring outside the gardens.

I sat by the fountain that looks like the 7 chakras and munched my way through some really yummy Divine chocolate bars, which were dark chocolate and filled with caramel. I have never had those before and I shall be looking out for some bigger bars of those!

I went down into the town and sat outside a street cafe, with a large pot of tea, listening to a street musician, who was actually quite good!

In the evening we went over to Bath to see our daughter, Stephanie. After a meal, we went for a walk around the city. In the weir, there were some canoeists who were attempting to “ride the weir.” For those with long, pointed canoes, this was not that difficult. It was more of a challenge for those in a circular boat!

We walked along by the river and it was very pleasant.

Total distance walked today was 9.06 miles.


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