Conquering the Old Man of Coniston, Lake District

Conquering the Old Man of Coniston

On Tuesday 16th July 2013 Greg and I walked up the Old Man of Coniston, which is the 38th highest mountain in the UK and one of the highest in the Lake District. We went up more than 2000 feet (over 700 metres) in height from the bottom to the top.

We did a 6 mile circular walk and it took us about 4 and ½ hours because we were stopping a lot to take photographs. There were a lot of very profound insights and shifts in my beliefs and being that took place on this walk.

Starting Off

View from the Bottom

You cannot see the top from the bottom and it is quite deceiving , as you can see one ridge, which you aim for, thinking “oh, this is not too bad, we are nearly there” only to find when you get there, you can then see the next upper ridge.

Resting Place ONE

False Dawn number ONE! That is NOT the Top!

It is like this all the way to the top. It is quite a difficult climb as there are a lot of rough, stoney paths, which are very steep. Sometimes there are no defined paths and you have to scramble you way up over very rough terrain.

From the very start, my legs were aching and my calf muscles were very painful, despite endless hours of calf raises and parallel squats in the gym. My heart was beating very rapidly and I was not convinced that I would be able to complete it.

Greg has already done this walk twice in the last month, so I could not let him beat me. Giving up and turning back was not an option, so I had to keep pressing forward. I had one walking pole to start with and Greg had two, however I found this quite hard and offered me one of the other poles.

I found myself going straight in the old patterns of self-sacrifice and martyrdom, which I spent a lot of time clearing on Monday, where I nearly did not come on this holiday, but that is a story for another day, and initially refused the offer of a second pole. I caught myself going into that destructive pattern, cleared it, accepted the second pole and it was much easier after that.

Take Small Steps

One of the things that Greg said to me was ”take small steps – it is much easier than big strides.” Not only was this a very helpful piece of advice, I also felt how relevant this was to any goal in life. Taking small steps, putting one foot in front of the other, shuffling our way along and then taking another small step – with frequent breaks in between – and we climbed a mountain (quite literally!)

We stopped several times for a drink of water and a cereal bar or a flapjack. We really did need the sugar fix! We were quite astounded to find that Greg burnt off over 4500 calories on this 6 mile mountain hike.

Resting Place TWO

False Dawn TWO

Each time we stopped, we looked down and back at how far we had come and were quite amazed. The mountain is a sort of bowl shape, where each ridge is sort of set back and UP from the previous one, so you can’t see each ridge as you are going up, but you can see more and more of the ground level as you go up.

Up a Bit Further!

False Dawn Number THREE

Resting Place Number FOUR

Coniston Water and Donald Campbell

As we reached each ridge, we could see more and more of Coniston Water, which is one of the longest lakes in the Lake District and it is probably one of the least commercialised, which is gorgeous. It is long and straight in shape, so it really would have been absolutely perfect for Donald Campbell to set a new world record for a speedboat on water, when he reached speeds of over 300 miles per hour in 1964.

It must have been the most exhilarating thing on the face of the planet.

He was certainly “Following his BLISS” as Joseph Campbell had said. It cost him his life in doing so, but he must have died at the pinnacle of Bliss, doing exactly what he felt he had come to this planet to do.

Resting Place Number FIVE – With Coniston Water in the Background

Follow Your Bliss

I got myself muddled up with my “Campbells” and had it in my head that it was Joseph Campbell, author of the famous quote of “Follow Your Bliss” that had set the world speedboat record, when in, fact, that was Donald Campbell.

However that mistake in my head allowed me to have some profound shifts, as I kept thinking about Follow Your Bliss and sheer passion, commitment and exhilaration of that speedboat record. The further up the Old Man of Coniston we got, the more of Coniston Water we could see and the more my body went “WOW!”

“Follow Your Bliss” was swirling round in my head all the way to the top of the mountain, so I started to ask myself, “Well, what is MY Bliss?” and “How do I live in that Bliss?” I was really quite surprised with the answers.

What is my Bliss?

I think and feel that my Bliss is to write Inspirational Messages, to write the words for Greg’s Inspirational PhotoBooks and to get them published.

It is also to take myself to places where I feel totally at ease and totally happy with myself and I can just BE myself and then write down my own journey to BLISS and to BEING ME, the Infinite, powerful, God-Being that I am and simply to put it out there for people as blog posts and articles, without trying to sell anything. Hopefully my journey will lead to other people feeling inspired to live from their own BLISS.

However I do need to be in places that inspire me in order to write. That probably needs to involve coast, water, mountains, stunning scenery and sunshine!

Ideal “Working” Place to Follow my Bliss – methinks!

How do I live from my Bliss?

That sounds like a very nice lifestyle and immediately the “How do I DO that?” question came to mind? Interestingly, the answer was more to do with letting go of old, non-serving beliefs and habits, than it was about a way forward.

As I mentioned earlier, I have recently found a way to finally ditch Trauma, Drama, Self-Sacrifice and Martyrdom out of my life, which is very freeing, however, the residual from that a strong sense of “Not Enough” and underlying that of ME “Not Being Good Enough” to have, to receive and to live a life of overflowing abundance.

These have been tough beliefs, feelings and energies to shift.

Not Enough and Not Good Enough

The first thought that came to mind was “Yes, that is all well and good and sounds like a lot of fun and very close to the Ideal BUT how are you going to afford to do that? You know money is tight and it does not seem to flow into your life. You know you are living hand to mouth most of the time.

You know there is not enough money to do anything and you can’t really trust the Universe to provide for you as you need it. You know you need to get people to buy stuff, either yours or someone else’s to make money, so this “Living from Bliss” is fine, BUT how does that help the money situation?”

I was plagued with this for a considerable way up the mountain.

The next thing I heard was a real breath of fresh air.

Give it all to the Old Man!

A few weeks ago I watched a video about a lady who had gone to India and, as part of the cleansing and purification ritual she was undertaking, she was told to take all of her pain, frustration, anger and upset and to be willing to give it all to the River Gangees, where it could simply be washed away and released – providing, of course, that she was willing to let go of it!

She was very sceptical, however she said she stood in the river for absolutely ages, allowing her pain to wash away. Once she came out of the river, it was all gone and she could not actually access it again.

As this thought and memory popped into my head, I decided I would do that. I would give all my pain and frustration to the mountain. This included all the stuff around not enough, not good enough, can’t afford, can’t do, no money or not enough money, can’t have, martyrdom, self-sacrifice, everyone else first and me last as well of all the feelings of no stability, no support, not grounded, can’t trust the Universe or the Earth to provide and all the other unhelpful beliefs around money that I had been allowing to run my life.

After all, money, security and stability could be classed as “Earth” issues as they are all to do with the base or root chakra and are the closest point to the Earth. I have felt that I have lacked support in the material sense and felt that there just has not been enough of anything, especially money.

Everything that I would consider to me money comes from the Earth. Paper money comes from trees, which are very connected to and supported by the Earth, metals for coins come from the Earth and all the raw materials for computers and their infrastructure have also come from the Earth. The thought for “more money” is an energy, which is flying round in the ethers, waiting to be connected into the Earth and translated in tangible form.

I made the decision I would give all this stuff to the Old Man and let it all be transmuted into the Earth. After all, this Old Man was now supporting my feet and guiding me to put them in safe places to climb up, as well as to place my hands in safe places to climb.

As I climbed higher and higher, I started to feel safer and more supported, both from the Earth and from the Universe. I began to place my feet more deliberately, so that I could really connect with the Earth. I could feel the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs draining out through my feet and into the Earth as I walked and climbed. I started to feel quite free.

This was soon replaced with thoughts of allowing myself to be supported by the Earth and Universe, to allow them to take care of my material needs, so that I can focus on “BEING in my BLISS”,” on writing, on living my DreamLife and hopefully inspiring others along the way, simply by BEING myself.

Sounds like an excellent deal to me!

I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes by Dr Dain Heer – “What if you, being you, is the gift this world wants and needs?”

Well, maybe it is time to start living that way.

Let go of money worry

A few days ago I had been doing some processing work and had asked the question, “what do I need to do or who do I need to be have £1,000,000 cash come into my life right now?” I had got really annoyed with the answer as it was “Be happy, raise your energy and vibration and stop focusing on the money!”

Something similar had come out of my morning meditation and I had got very angy and frustrated with both things, as I really could not see how that was going to reduce down the pile of bills I need to pay or how I bend and stretch each pound twenty different ways!

It was windy on the Old Man of Coniston yesterday and it is windy on the beach today as I am writing this, so I guess the Universe is trying very hard to “blow out all the cobwebs” of any last remaining doubts and fears, so I can live from a place of trust and flow.

On Top of the World

WOW! I did it! I got to the top. What an amazing feeling! I could see for miles in every direction, including the full length of Coniston Water, from one end to the other. There is a huge pile of stones at the top and tradition says that you pick up one of the stones that are lying around it and place it on the pile for good luck, which we did.

Top of Coniston Old Man

I did it!

Views from the Top of Coniston Old Man

WOW! What a Feeling!

It was well worth the effort and the difficulties to get to the top. It was breathtaking and the views were absolutely spectacular, with sheer drops in every direction!

You can see for miles

The route we took to the top was only about 1/3 of the whole walk, so we still had a good way to go to get back down to the bottom. I really did not care. I felt so strong, confident, powerful and full of the sheer exhilaration for the joy of life and being alive.

My body certainly felt much stronger at the top that it did at the bottom, despite climbing over 2000 feet (700m) and more that 2 miles, almost straight right up! Although it was further to go back down, I was no longer puffing and panting and my heart rate had settled. On the way up, I had really thought my heart would beat right out of my chest!

Journey down

False Dawn DOWN Number ONE – Still a long way to go!

Nearly Down

What a fantastic Walk!

Not good enough – I don’t think so!

That is no longer relevant as a belief.

Having done what I have just done and climbed to the top of the Old Man of Coniston and got back down again, I am certainly good enough to do anything that I want to do and to have any success that I choose. I set my mind on something, took it one small step at a time, walked through the difficulties and the challenges, kept going – and succeeded!

So, what else is possible?

Whatever I choose, I guess. I do now feel a much greater sense of trust in the Earth and the Universe to provide for me and I like that arrangement.

More ramblings soon.
With abundant blessings.
Amanda Goldston

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