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BlithField Reservoir Staffordshire in the Snow ©2016 Gregory Goldston

CHANCE Inspiration Card – BlithField Reservoir Staffordshire in the Snow ©2016 Gregory Goldston

Taken at Blithfield Reservoir, near Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire on Sunday 17th January 2016 before dawn.

Greg, my husband, and I went for a walk around the reservoir at Blithfield on Friday afternoon and Greg immediately observed a few places that would be perfect for sunrise or sunset photographs.

On checking the weekend weather forecast, we realised there was going to be snow overnight from Saturday onto Sunday- even the snow-void of Tamworth was due some!

Greg got up early on Sunday morning and drove the 20 miles out to Blithfield Reservoir. He wanted to be there first, before any other humans woke up. He knew there would be plenty of snow on the ground and on the trees and he also knew where the first light of dawn would catch the trees, so he could set himself up in the perfect place.

He was absolutely right and he was not disappointed. The light danced across the trees, just as he had anticipated that it would.

This is a classic case of PREPARATION meeting OPPORTUNITY.

The resulting images are stunning!

There was not a soul to be seen as sunrise on a snowy Sunday morning was a little bit early, even for the most dedicated walkers.

It was an image captured in the moment. Once the sun came up, the temperature rose quickly and the snow melted very quickly.

Take the CHANCE, Make the EFFORT and Seize the MOMENT.

Get yourself out of the door, do something a bit different and get there before the world wakes up. You won’t be disappointed!

Have a great week.

Amanda and Greg

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