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Belated Post from June 2015

I have just looked back through my files and realised that we did a fantastic walk on Saturday 27th June, which I have not written about, so here it is.

We subscribe to Country Walking Magazine and decided we would follow one of the walks featured in the latest edition of the Magazine.

This was from Shenton to Shakerstone in Leicestershire, via the visitor centre for the Battle of Bosworth, where Henry Tudor killed King Richard III on 22nd August 1485 to take the Crown of England and become King Henry V.

We returned on the old train, which is aptly named the Battlefield Line.

Bosworth Battlefield Memorial

Bosworth Battlefield Memorial

Easy to follow route

We had printed out the route plan from Country Walking magazine and it was very easy to follow. There was only one place where we took at detour and that was near the Battlefield hilltop memorial.

King Richard III's Throne

King Richard III’s Throne

We went down the hill into the woods, instead of across the site, however we were able to pick up the trail again. We walked about a mile or so further than we intended, but that did not matter.

Some of the paths were very clearly marked with yellow posts for one of the Leicestershire walks and some were not so obvious, so we were very glad to have the directions with us.

Walking by hte Lakes on the Bosworth Route

Walking by the Lakes on the Bosworth Route

It was a lovely walk.

Lunch in Bosworth Country Park

We stopped in the Country Park in Market Bosworth and had our lunch, which was probably about half way.

Greg having lunch in Market Bosworth Country Park

Greg having lunch in Market Bosworth Country Park

In total it took us about 4 hours, which was what the guide had said and that included stopping to take photographs. We crossed through fields, woodlands and a golf course. It was good, firm walking ground.

Walking along the fields

Walking along the fields


Path across the fields with long grass

Path across the fields with long grass

The ground was dry. As we crossed quite a lot of fields I am very glad we did it in the Summer. I am not sure I would want to tackle it now, in rain and mud season.

Old Fashioned Train Station

We got to Shakerton station at about 2.45pm, with the next train leaving fro Shenton at 3pm, so we decided to wait until we got to the other end before we had a drink.

The train station at Shakerton is an original building from bygone times when this line extended much further. It has a quaint Victorian Tea Rooms, with plenty of places to sit under the sheltered roof, outside by the platform. It also has tea rooms inside the building.

I was very tempted to stop here and have afternoon tea, but we would have then had to wait over an hour for the next train, as it is only a single track railway, meaning that the same train has to go up and down.

It was a diesel train today, rather than the steam train, but my little leggies were just very glad to sit down as I was getting a bit hot and bothered by now.

Traditional Train Journey

The train was full and all the windows were open.

When we got to the other end, I was expecting to see similar tea rooms as there had been at the other end, but there this is not the case. There is one small counter selling tea and coffee, with a limited selection of sweets, cakes and ice-creams. There are a couple of small tables outside.

I had not thought to check this important factor when we set off from the car park!

We had a well-deserved ice cream and cup of tea back at Shenton station before making our way home. We are not quite sure how far we walked in total. My garmin activity tracker said 7.7 miles, but that is based more on my arms swinging than my leg movements. I had just got a new phone the day before, so I had put Endomondo sports tracker on it to measure my distance. That said 8.22 miles and Greg’s version of the same software said 9.34 miles.

I would definitely follow another of the Country Walking Magazine Walks. They had stated it was 7 miles/11km which was accurate and described it as an easy walk, which it was. The information was very useful and easy to follow.

Amanda walking in the Summer Fields

Amanda walking in the Summer Fields

We discovered a lovely walk that is right on our doorstep that we probably would never have otherwise found. We will definitely be following some more of these walks. This one had obviously been explained by someone who had walked that way many times as we knew exactly what to look out for at every step of the way.

Map from Country Walking of Bosworth Line Route

Map from Country Walking of Bosworth Line Route

We went home and had a large latte in the garden. For the rest of the day, I yawned my head off and went to bed just after 10pm. This was not just due to this walk, but I had been walking all week, including walks over Wookey Hole (link) and Cheddar Gorge (link)

I must have been tired because I slept for 13 hours and 44 minutes!


P.S. You can also find the images from this walk on my Pinterest page

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