Awesome Hot Air Balloon Flight

Awesomeness Experiences

I decided today that I would write down some of the most awesome experiences I have had and share them – why? Because I want to and because I feel inspired and uplifted when I look at the blissed-out faces in the photos – especially mine!

Some of these experiences have come about as a result of my passion for comping (winning competitions) and some we have paid for. All have brought amazing Joy and I feel so blessed that I have been able to do them.

Hot Air Ballooning

I have wanted to go up in a hot air balloon for as long as I can remember. It is one of those things that I could never justify buying for myself and never seemed to turn up as a gift, until May of 2014, when I won a £500 Red Letter Day voucher in a Facebook competition from Tyres On the Drive.

I was determined that it was going to be spent on a Champagne Hot Air Balloon Flight at Sunrise. I asked the family and they all wanted to go. We booked with Wickers World Hot Air Balloons, who operate in this area and are incredibly experienced balloonists.

Wickers World Balloon Flight Group Shot Derbyshire 8th June 2015

Wickers World Balloon Flight Group Shot 8th June 2015

The first flight in March was unfortunately cancelled because of bad weather, however on 8th June 2015, we hauled ourselves out of bed at 3.45 am – yes AM, in the morning!! – to drive to the launch site at Tissington, north of Ashbourne in the Derbyshire Peak District for our 6am departure.

What an awesome experience!

If was very breezy on the ground, but once we got in the air, we drifted along at about 20 miles an hour over some very varied scenery, including passing the Dovedale Valley, where we have often walked. That did not look anywhere near as steep from the air as it does from the group.

It was surprising warm in the balloon with the flames of the heater in the centre.

In total we travelled about 14 miles to land at Scropton, south of the A50 Road, just in Staffordshire.

Dovedale Valley in the Distance

To take off and land, we all had to be facing the back of the basket, holding onto the loops, with our knees bent. This was fine on take-off. On the landing, the balloon basket hit the ground and went on its side, so we all ended up flat on our backs on the ground, lying on top of each other and laughing hysterically!

Here is the video, which shows the landing and you can hear all the laughter at the end.

It was the most amazing experience and I would do it again any day.


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