Amington Circular

Today I got up early, as Greg is at home and he needed to go to work, so I was en route for my walk by 8.15am. I think I am starting to get fitter as I walked for about 2 and ¼ hours and I covered around 5 miles. Quite a lot of this was through meadow areas where there was high grass and wildflowers. I was fortunate in that someone had obviously gone that way before me because there was quite a clearly defined path through the overgrown fields.

I walked along the fields past Stationfields in Tamworth and then headed towards Amington and the first possible place to cross the river. I then walked back on the other side, keeping as close to the river as I could, although the path sometimes came quite a way inland before going back towards the river.

It was a bit of a journey of discovery, as I was not quite sure where I was going to come out. We have previously walked part of this route, but not all of it. I was curious to see where I would be able to cross when I came to the railway bridges. I ended up going underneath two very low bridges and walking along the river, heading away from where I wanted to go!

I soon recognised where I was as I had come out at a part of Tamworth called Bolehall. I shall be very glad to get a phone with maps on it next week, so I have at least got some idea where I am and where the path is going to lead me.

This was a 5 mile circular route, which brought me back past the shops, which was good as I needed to stock up on Chocolate to go with our daily latte later on today, when Greg comes home.

Arms and Upper Body exercises

Before I went out, I did some exercises to tone up my back and chest muscles, as well as the flab that has accumulated under my arms. I used the dumbbells we have, without any weights, and realised how much tone and strength I have lost since I stopped going to the gym, as I could hardly move the weight before my arms were hurting and I was puffing.

Base Layer and Leggins

I have a lovely, stretchy base layer top, with long sleeves and I decided I would see if that still fitted me. This was with the idea of keeping my arms separate from my body in my clothes, so that my arms would not rub against the fat under my arms. To my surprise, it still fitted me, although it is a very snug fit. I found that, as I was walking along and swinging my arms, that this “well-fitting” top started to ride up over my stomach. This was combined with my “well-fitting” walking leggings that kept riding downwards, so I spent most of the walk with a rather cold, exposed stomach area.

Yes, my clothes were reminding me that I have out on weight, as both of these items fitted perfectly when I bought them last year!

Husband Approval

All this walking does seem to be paying off and the results are starting to be noticeable, even after a week. My husband commented on my shapely legs and observed that my stomach seemed flatter and my bottom looked more toned – and he approved! So that is a good thing and an excellent incentive to keep going!


Greg had been trying to ring a man a tyre replacement place to book his car in to get the tyres changes, but he could not get hold of him by phone, so he asked me to walk down to the place and see if I could speak to the man in person. This was in Kettlebrook, which is just over a mile away from our house. I did this, only to get there and find the man was not there as he had had an altercation with a lawnmower and damaged his hands! Not much good for changing tyres.

By the time I got back I had already walked more than 8 miles for the day!

Further Walking for Greg’s Steps

Greg is also monitoring his activity levels and has two main goals for each day. These are to walk more than 10,000 steps and to cover more than 5 miles. In order to help him to achieve his goal for the day, we had another walk.

We went around the Stationfields again.

With additional moving around, I clocked up 12.45 miles today and 29,138 steps, so my little leggies are a bit tired!


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